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3 Dressing Rules to Make You Beautiful

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We often hear people complaining that they are not in good shape, not good in appearance, and look good in everything, so they simply give up wearing them and match them at random every time. They wear them loosely and in random colors. But in fact, collocation is far more important than appearance and figure. Then we will introduce 3 match rules to you to make your outfit more fashionable.

1. The overall color is plain, with a little bright color

For many people, in daily wear, it is always difficult for us to balance fashion and beauty. How can the simple daily wear look fashionable and elegant? May wish to try the "overall plain with a little bright" dressing method, so that your dress is simple but stylish. This collocation method is simple and easy to learn and can be used anytime. For example, when wearing a basic clothing, by adding clothing colors or accessories, etc., to improve the overall durability. For example, a simple shirt with wide-leg trousers, with a silk scarf, will have more features as a whole. Or wear bright colors and dark colors clothes. The colors are bright and dark, and the contrast is strong. Even simple dresses will be brilliant because of the bright colors.


2. The overall color is dull, with a little bright color

In daily wear, many people choose dark-colored clothing or earth-colored clothing. These colors are low-key and thin, but at the same time they are dull and lifeless. Therefore, when dressing, it is a good choice to use a little bright color to increase the sense of color. For example, earth-colored sweaters and suit pants, simple styles and colors, the two are low-key and attractive. After adding a striped shirt, the overall outfit will be more colorful. Through the matching of dark and light colors, the clothes will not look so dull. For example, a grandma's shirt, a suit jacket, and a pair of white wide-leg pants. The dull dark blue and the simple and pure white, putting white on the bottom can make the dress lighter. Using the same color, you can also choose a brighter color to put on the bottom, but you must also understand the law of "lightness and softness".

3. Use the waistline to shape your figure

Whether it is from the perspective of height, thinness or spirit, waistline is an indispensable existence. Techniques that are often used are belts, color matching, or clothing attributes. In the color matching, the contrast between the upper and lower colors is obvious, and a waistline is naturally formed when the contact is in between; In terms of collocation, use a combination of short top and long bottom, short upper body and long lower body, or use a belt to create a waist line. The common ways to create waistline are the above. But another thing that is often overlooked is the neckline of the jacket. For example, the design of the V-neck reduces the visual shortening of the upper body, making the lower body slender when viewed from the side.

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