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3 Types of Tops That Will Never Go Out of Style

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When the season changes, many people feel that they have no clothes to wear. In fact, the most important thing about clothes is quality rather than quantity. Today, we are here to recommend three versatile and fashionable short tops, which look great with skirts and pants. These short tops can easily create a variety of shapes, wearing them for two or three years will not be out of date!

1. T-shirt

T-shirts are basic items in summer. Not only can they bring you a cool and casual feeling, but they can also create different fashionable effects according to different styles and colors. They are fashionable with pants and skirts. Women between 20-30 years old can choose more candy-colored T-shirts with perfect age reduction effects, such as taro purple and tender green. Using candy colors to weaken the overly casual attributes of T-shirts and add a sense of playfulness, which is very eye-catching. For women over 30 years of age, wearing candy-colored T-shirts is a bit unstable. It is recommended that you start with dark, classic colors or dark-based T-shirts with colored elements. For example, dark green T-shirts, dark printed T-shirts and classic black and white striped T-shirts are very good choices.


2. Shirt

Shirts have a very high acquisition rate throughout the year. When the weather is cold, the shirt can be used as an inside outfit, which is capable and atmospheric, while in the spring and summer seasons, it can be worn directly as an outside outfit, which will highlight the temperament. The matching of shirts and trousers is neat and aura, while matching shirts and skirts will be more gentle, perfect interpretation of elegance and fashion. As for the shirt that has been bought the most times, the white shirt must have a name. The combination of white and shirt is clean and simple, very versatile. However, white shirts have long been too ordinary styles, and it is difficult to wear them fresh. If you want to enhance the eye-catching effect, you might as well try a colored shirt or a shirt with multi-color elements. For example, a small floral shirt is a fresh style. With the addition of rich colors and small floral elements, it reduces the capable attributes of the shirt and easily creates a fresh feeling. Whether it is a 20-year-old girl, or a mature woman in the 30s and 40s, it is suitable.


3. Cardigan

The last one I want to recommend is the gentle and retro cardigan. The cardigan is made of knitted material and the fabric is very soft, which not only brings you a comfortable wearing experience, but also sets off the temperament well. In addition, the cardigan can not only be worn directly alone, but also can be worn as a sun-proof shirt, which is extremely practical. If you like a more casual way of wearing, you can pair a cardigan with jeans and add a camisole to make the inner outfit. But if you want to wear a gentle and temperamental feeling more, it is recommended that you use a small cardigan and skirt to add a sense of gentleness and femininity, which is very temperamental.

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