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3 Ways to Enhance the Sense of Luxury of Dressing

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Many people may be distressed and wonder how to use outfits to enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and reflect the temperament. Today we will introduce some ways to improve the temperament by dressing.

1. Wear more basic clothes

White shirts, white T-shirts, jeans, solid-color sweaters, and solid-color knitted cardigans are all basic clothes. And as long as we use some small accessories in our daily collocation, we can make the basic models also look like fashion and trend. Then our collocation is no longer single.

A few white shirts in the closet should be normal, but how to make white shirts not monotonous? We can use the echo of accessories, such as silk scarves and belts, which are very good. Secondly, we can also choose a knitted waistcoat and use a white shirt to match the knitted waistcoat. This not only has the simplicity of the shirt, but also has the gentle feeling of the knitted sweater. Embellishment of white shirts and long silk scarves. However, relative to the embellishment of silk scarves, it is recommended that women who are just starting to wear them should choose long silk scarves when trying to wear silk scarves. Short ones are easy to wear like flight attendants. A sweater and a white T-shirt layered together, with a black half skirt, these are relatively basic styles. But the matching effect of echoing each other has become no longer simple and not simple. The basic suit and half skirt are matched, because the details of the embellishment have become simple and not simple. With the literary and retro temperament, the whole person looks a lot gentler.


2. The focus of dressing is to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, and only choose the ones that suit you.

Every girl's figure has its own shortcomings and outstanding advantages, so the first prerequisite for improving our fashion aesthetic is of course to make good use of these advantages and disadvantages. When choosing clothes, choose only those that suit you. We only need to choose clothes that are inclusive of our body. For example, if you have thick waist and thick arms, you must learn to create a thin waist line, and you must learn to choose clothes whose cuffs can cover the fat.

3. The color of the clothing is clean and generous, with a balance of simplicity and complexity

Good clothing color matching can match the complexion and temperament, and can reduce the sense of cheapness in matching. Therefore, for dressing, we must first learn how to match colors. Although the high-level color scheme is very coveted, it must be built on the basis of being able to wear and wear well. It is recommended that you start with a generous and clean color scheme. The reason why a person looks bad when they wear it is mostly because the color scheme is not secure enough. Pay attention to simplicity in color matching and avoid complexity in matching. Reject and stay away from colorful clothes. Because colorful clothes are so colorful, it will be very unconventional to control them.

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