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Black and White Outfits That Will Never Out of Date

Views: 46     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-28      Origin: Site

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Whether you are a beginner or a fashionista, black and white clothes are indispensable in your wardrobe. Ms. Chanel once said, "Black and white is my eternal posture." As a classic color, black and white is versatile and does not pick people. It is almost impossible to go wrong, but you must wear an eye-catching combination to test your ability to wear. Today, I will share with you the techniques for creating black and white outfits, so that your style is no longer monotonous and boring.

1. Special tailoring

Thinking of black and white items will remind people of basic models, because most of us like to pick basic models with classic and basic colors to make them more versatile. If you want to wear black and white clothes to be high-class and fashionable, you have to abandon all the previous thinking. You have to choose specially tailored black and white items to enhance the sense of design and fashion of the outfit.

dress (9)

2. Choose a single product with patterns

Black and white wear is flexible. You can create different effects through a variety of pattern variations. For example, we are familiar with stripes dresses, polka dots dresses, plaid dresses, etc., which can make black and white wear not boring and dull, and at the same time can switch between different styles freely. There are more unique crafts, such as tie-dyeing, ink splashing, etc., which can show more interesting changes and expand the possibilities of black and white.

3. Material difference

In addition to tailoring and pattern design, you can also work hard on the material. This is the most frequently used in the same color series, through the difference of materials to create a sense of hierarchy, the texture of the color can also be highlighted. You can think about the most collocation scheme according to the characteristics of the fabric, and wear black and white dress to a more advanced sense.

4. Accessories matching

Choose some bags, scarves, hair bands, hair clips, etc., through their materials and design sense, can make black and white wear more advanced and fashionable. Color block stitching, weaving craftsmanship, hand-painted graffiti, drawstring closure and other designs can make the outfit brighter, but will not feel overwhelming.

white dress

5. Flamboyant style

The black and white stitching dress and the interlaced black and white dots play to the extreme level of the pattern, making you feel that the visual impact is strong, but you will not feel dizzy. Surrounded by the color atmosphere, you will find it very interesting, this kind of match is especially suitable for wearing on an island holiday.

5. Artistic style

The key to creating an artistic temperament is to match a long dress. The loose dress looks more casual, and the design with folds will be more artistic. To dress not boringly, we must pay attention to shaping the sense of hierarchy. If there is no special tailoring and no pattern design, use the difference in materials to highlight the sense of hierarchy. It is also a good way to put tulle underneath a loose T-shirt, with a canvas bag for embellishment.

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