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Clothing Style Classification

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With the change of time, clothing styles have become more and more diversified, and people's aesthetics have become higher and higher. Walking on the street, you will find many fashion outfits with different styles. They have different shining points and attract people who come and go. Today we look at several different clothing style classifications.

1. Punk style

The typical attire of early punk was to use hairspray to lift the hair, wear a pair of skinny jeans, a white shirt without buttons, and then put on a headset connected to the walkman pinned to the waist, listening to punk music in the ears.

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After entering the 1990s, the post-punk trend appeared in the fashion industry. Its main indicators were bright, tattered, concise, and metal. The pattern decorations used by PUNK include skulls, crowns, English letters and so on. In the production, shiny rhinestones or sequins are often inlaid in it to show an alternative gorgeous style. Although PUNK is gorgeous and even fancy, the overall color of the clothing is very integrated. The colors of PUNK outfits are usually very fixed, such as red and black, all black, red and white, blue and white, yellow and green, red and green, black and white, etc. The most common is the combination of red and black.

2. Street style

Street style clothing is generally loose and almost exaggerated T-shirts and pants, many people like to wrap a headscarf. Another typical street style clothing is basketball uniforms and sports shoes, which are also loose-fitting.

3. Simple style

The minimalist style of clothing hardly needs any decoration, and the fashion designer who believes in minimalism is good at subtracting. They take all the extra things from the clothes. If the second button cannot find a reason for its existence, they will make a button; If this button is not necessary, then they say let people wear buttonless shirts; If the texture of the fabric itself is attractive enough, then they don't need printing, jacquard, or embroidery; If the body of the wearer is so well-proportioned, then they will never design another silhouette. At this time, the body shape of the person is the best silhouette; If the wearer's face makes people look away for a long time, then they will never distract this attention with the fancy dress.

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4. Bohemian style

Bohemian style clothing is a product of the bohemian spirit. Bohemian style clothing does not simply refer to the national costumes of native Bohemia, and the "appearance" of costumes is not limited to Bohemian national costumes and Gypsy style costumes. It is a product of modern multiculturalism based on the costumes of the various nationalities of the Czech Republic and fused with multi-ethnic styles. Their designs include layers of lace, loose tops without collars, large prints, chaotic bead decorations, and wavy hair; The color used is to use the contrast color to achieve the effect, such as royal blue and golden brown, medium gray and pink...the ratio is not balanced; The tailoring is Gothic and complicated, focusing on the neckline and waist design.

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