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Color Matching Of Autumn Clothing Part One

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Autumn is a cool but colorful season. In such a season, if you want to have a fashionable look, how do you match the colors of your clothes?

1. White and beige

The combination of white and beige is definitely one of the best combinations of colors, and it also shows a particularly high-level feeling everywhere. Although white and beige are not particularly bright, but the color is very gentle, and can also highlight a special style. The combination of white and beige can always wear an elegant and decent charm, which is particularly simple and intellectual. We can use the top and bottom matching method to match white and beige clothing. In fact, you can wear a white top with beige trousers underneath. Of course, you can also wear a beige top with white trousers. For example, women can wear beige knitted tops with white 9-point pants, which is very fashionable.


2. White and black

Although the two colors of white and black are opposite, the effect of the combination is unexpectedly very good. White feels very pure, but relatively simple. Black makes people feel very solemn and very silent. However, if the two are matched together, it will be very classic. The combination of the bright white and the darkest black not only has a sense of impact, but it also brings a kind of simplicity to people, and at the same time, it highlights the temperament. If women want to show their aura through wear, black and white are an indispensable match. For example, women will look dignified and confident when they wear a white shirt with black trousers.



3. White and brown

The combination of white and brown clothing can be regarded as a kind of outfit that white-collar women prefer. For white, it is a more versatile color. If it is paired with dull brown, it can still show the atmosphere and natural side. It's really simple and very fashionable. If it's autumn, warm brown can also be used as the main tone, and then add white as an embellishment. It can make the whole person appear special and connotative, and it will also make people feel very seductive and elegant. For example, women will look elegant when they wear a brown coat with a white sweater.


4. White and red

Regarding white and red, these two colors are actually more eye-catching and have a very visual impact. Red always brings enthusiasm to people, but white is so straightforward. When the two are matched together, it also makes people feel very outstanding, and also particularly eye-catching. The collision of white clothing and red clothing will also bring different feelings to people, but it seems to be just right. The color saturation of white and red is relatively high, so some accessories can be used to ease the impact of colors.


5. White and pink

The combination of white and pink colors is actually the most beautiful combination. If you use pink as a color scheme, you can really have a girlish heart in autumn. And the matching of white and pink will also make people feel particularly comfortable, and the matching of the two colors will almost never go wrong.

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