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Color Matching Of Different Skin Tones

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To look good, in addition to the figure, the match of your skin color and clothing color is very important. The correct collocation can enhance the temperament. With the right color, you will know how beautiful you can be.

1. People with white skin

People with this skin color have a wider choice of clothing. Wearing light yellow, light blue, pink, pink, green and other light color series of clothing will look particularly youthful, soft and sweet. Wearing dark series such as scarlet, dark blue, and dark gray will make the skin look whiter and more beautiful. People with this skin color are best to wear light-colored clothes such as blue, yellow, light orange, light rose, and light green. If the skin tone is too pale, it is not advisable to wear clothes of cool colors.

2. People with dark skin

Dark-skinned people should wear warm-colored clothes. You can also wear pure black clothes, with green, red and violet as complementary colors. In addition, light blue, dark gray, bright red, white, and gray are also suitable. In addition, wearing yellow-brown or yellow-gray clothing will appear brighter. If you wear green-gray clothes, your face will look ruddy. Don't wear large areas of dark blue, dark red and other idle dark colors, which will make people look ashamed.

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3. People with yellow skin

The skin of Orientals is mostly yellow, with a sense of beauty of being abandoned by the sun. But it always gives people the impression of not being healthy enough, because the choice of clothes color is not suitable, which more or less affects the beauty of people's appearance. Women with a yellowish complexion are suitable for blue or light blue tops, which can bring out the white and delicate skin. It is also suitable for wearing warm colors such as pink and orange. Try to wear green or gray tones as little as possible, as this will make the skin look yellower and even appear sick.

4. People with wheat-skinned skin

The encounter between healthy wheat-colored skin and white clothing can create an extraordinary match. The strong contrast of black and white is very suitable for this type of skin tone. Deep blue, charcoal gray and other deep colors, as well as deep red and emerald green, can also well highlight the cheerful personality. It is not suitable to wear tea-green or dark green clothes because the contrast with the skin color is too large.

5. People with matte skin

People of this skin color can wear very light lilac and yellow clothes, regardless of which is the main color. At the same time, light brown with blue, yellow-brown with blue-purple, red-brown with blue-green, etc. are all suitable. Ruddy black-haired women are best to wear slightly saturated warm clothes. You can also wear light brown, yellow and black color as decoration.

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