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Colorful Spring and Summer Dressing to Get Rid Of Monotony

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If you want to match clothes, you have to choose the right color in addition to the right style. Each color has its own characteristics, so if you want to match clothes, you must first understand these colors. Spring and summer are colorful seasons. At this time, you should try not to stick to the usual fixed colors when you wear clothes. You can try to wear some brightly colored clothes. Today we will introduce you some matching techniques for spring and summer clothes.

Red represents enthusiasm. In the early spring, the weather has not fully recovered, and some warm elements are needed at this time, such as red clothes. Red shirts are more common, especially red sweaters, which will look full of vitality. If you want to embody gentleness, you can mix red and white to get the effect you want. Especially cherry red, watermelon red and other colors can show your white skin well.


The orange tone is gentle and the complexion appears. When people see the orange, they will easily think of the sun, and their hearts will be warm. Spring itself is a warm season, and orange tones can ease people's emotions and look very comfortable. And the orange tone is a relatively mild tone, it will look very gentle and full of vitality when worn. Of course, it is best to match with white or the same hue.

Yellow is gentle and lively, matching light-colored clothes will give people a sense of intimacy, but you must avoid fluorescent colors in your usual outfits. If you want to look gentle and elegant, choose lighter yellows such as goose yellow and beige; if you want to look lively, choose sunflower-toned yellow. But yellow clothes are not suitable for all sisters. Under normal circumstances, people with yellow skin should avoid dark yellow as much as possible. You can choose light yellow clothes, but it is better to avoid yellow.

The green is clean, refreshing and quiet. There will be a lot of green plants in spring and summer, which looks very comfortable. Those who like nature must have the green combination. The green one-shoulder top is very beautiful, and the green is very clean, whether it is matched with dark or light colors.


Blue is high-class and melancholic, very fashionable. The denim elements are basically blue, as long as they are well matched, they will be very advanced. Blue and white shirts will have a professional style. Colors like the sky and sea water make people look suddenly bright, so blue is a color that is not easy to make mistakes. And it is very friendly to people with yellow skin, and it has a whitening effect!

Purple is mysterious and noble, and it is also a standard for gentle ladies. The purple gauze skirt looks very attractive. Some people may think that purple is easy to be old and not easy to control, but in fact, purple is also very gentle. However, it should be noted that purple should be matched with lighter-colored clothes of the same color or similar color to make it easier to control. If purple and dark colors are matched, it may appear too strong, so pay attention to matching when choosing purple clothes!

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