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Commonly Used Fabrics for T-Shirts

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T-shirts are one of people's favorite clothes in spring and summer. Especially in midsummer, T-shirts have become the seasonal clothing that people are willing to wear because of their natural, comfortable, chic and dignified advantages. So what fabrics are T-shirts generally made of?

1.Polyester cotton

It refers to the general term for blended fabrics of polyester and cotton. Its advantages are good wrinkle resistance and not easy to deform. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, and with two dyeing, the fabric feels hard. Its hand feel is soft and thick, and it is not easy to be deformed during washing, but it is slightly less comfortable than pure cotton. The 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is okay, while the 35% cotton is inferior. It is very uncomfortable to wear and easy to pilling.

2. 100% cotton

This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, which is very cost-effective. Although it is not like other high-end T-shirt fabrics, which have undergone special processing, 100% pure cotton still maintains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton. It has good skin affinity, good air permeability and good moisture absorption. If you have a small budget and want to wear comfortably, this one is a good choice. Of course, some 100% cotton processed by special processes such as depilation and softening are also high-end fabrics.


3. Lycra cotton

Lycra cotton has drape and crease recovery ability, which is an elastic cotton fabric implanted with spandex after the weaving process. It feels good, fits snugly, highlights the figure, is flexible, and is especially suitable for close-fitting clothing. In the past two years, it has been used on men's T-shirts. Generally, when making T-shirt fabrics, spandex fabrics can only be treated with light alkali and low temperature mercerizing. This kind of fabric is more suitable for close-fitting fashion style T-shirts, and the skinny will be worse. In particular, it should be noted that this fabric should be treated with anti-shrinkage.

4. Mercerized cotton

The high-quality T-shirt fabric made of mercerized cotton not only fully preserves the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The mercerized cotton fabric feels soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape; In addition, it has rich designs and colors, and it is comfortable and casual to dress, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabrics are delicate, and they are different from ordinary clothing in workmanship and printing and embroidery.


5. Nylon

Nylon is a kind of chemical fiber, its chemical name is polyurethane fiber. Because its production materials are abundant and renewable, and all aspects of nylon fabrics will perform very well, this also makes nylon have a wider application in the textile industry. The price of nylon fabrics is generally more affordable than natural fibers. Therefore, in order to control their budget, many people also choose nylon T-shirts.


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