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Daily Maintenance of Silk and Linen Clothes

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Many of our clothes are made of linen and silk fabrics. Today we will talk about the daily maintenance of linen and silk clothes. Before that, let's first understand the characteristics of linen and silk.

Characteristics of linen fabric.

1. Linen has good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity. It can absorb 20 times the water of its own weight. It is a common fabric for summer clothing.

2. Hemp fiber is a kind of natural fiber. Natural fiber generally does not irritate or damage the skin. It is an anti-allergic fabric.

3. Antibacterial is also a major feature of linen. Generally, linen fabrics are not easy to mold, but it is best to store them in a dry environment.

4. Although the toughness of flax is very good, the fabric has no elasticity at all, and it is generally difficult to restore the original shape after pulling it hard. There is also low dimensional stability of clothes, which is one of the reasons for linen and its easy wrinkling. If linen is used to produce underwear, there may be a kind of "hard" feeling (this is the characteristic of hemp fiber).

Characteristics of silk fabrics.

1. Silk is generally made of silk because of its low coefficient of friction, and the fabric is very comfortable after being put on.

2. The real silk is also porous, and the fabric also has good air permeability.

3. Excellent anti-ultraviolet ability. Sunlight cannot penetrate the silk. Some sunscreen clothing will use silk fabrics.

4. But it is relatively troublesome to take care of real silk, including its washing and maintenance methods.


Knowing the characteristics of these two fabrics, let's talk about their daily maintenance.

First of all, if you are wearing silk clothes, do not sleep on mats, wicker chairs and wooden boards. Because silk fibers are relatively thin and cannot withstand excessive friction, they will easily break. It is best not to scratch the clothes, because the cohesive force of long silk fibers is not as good as other blended fiber fabrics, and it is easy to cause silk yarns under the influence of external forces. At the same time, when storing silk clothes, do not spill deodorant or perfume, and do not place mothballs. Because these are chemicals, it is easy to damage silk. Especially white silk, if it touches these, the fabric of the clothes will turn yellow. When wearing silk skirts and trousers, do not ride a bicycle to prevent violent friction between the fabric and the cushion, which may cause turning and shifting.

Clothes made of linen are easy to wrinkle, so they need to be ironed. The most important thing when ironing is the temperature, it is recommended to control it between 200-230 degrees Celsius. And it is best to iron the clothes when they are half dry, so that the ironing effect is the best. After the linen fabric is ironed, its elegant and elegant fabric style is prominently displayed. Clothes made of linen should be washed before storage to prevent mildew. Like linen shirts or suits, try not to fold them when storing. It can be hung on a round wooden hanger with a certain width, which will keep the clothes straight.

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