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Development History of T-Shirt

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T-shirts were originally worn inside, but were actually lapel and semi-open-necked shirts, but later developed to be worn outside. There have been divergent opinions on the origin of the name of the T-shirt. One theory is that the dock workers who unloaded tea in Annapolis, Maryland, USA in the 17th century wore this short-sleeved shirt. People abbreviated "Tea" as "T", so this shirt was called T-Shirt. The second theory is that in the 17th century, British sailors were ordered to add short sleeves to their vests to cover the armpit hair to avoid unsightly. There is also a saying that the sleeves and the upper body form a "T" shape, that is, the clothing is a T-shaped stitched collar, hence the name.

In 1913, the U.S. Navy required sailor collar short-sleeved white undershirts to be worn in sailor overalls. One of the reasons was to hide the thick chest hair of sailors. T-shirts use a wide range of raw materials, generally cotton, hemp, wool, silk, chemical fiber and their blended fabrics, especially cotton, hemp or hemp-cotton blended fabric, which has the advantages of breathability, softness, comfort, coolness, sweat absorption, heat dissipation, etc. T-shirts are often knitwear, but due to constant changes in consumer demand, the design and production are also increasingly refurbished. Therefore, T-shirts made of woven fabrics have also appeared on the market, becoming a new member of the T-shirt family. Such T-shirts often use ribbed collars or ribbed sleeves, ribbed edges, and embroidered with machine embroidery and trademarks. It not only reflects the ingenuity of the costume designer, but also makes the T-shirt unique and adds the beauty of the clothing.


Among the fabrics for woven T-shirts, the first choice is silk fabrics with the characteristics of lightness, softness, and smoothness, which are particularly comfortable to wear on the skin. T-shirts made of imitation silk polyester silk or washed nylon silk, if supplemented by inlays, will add a special style and artistic charm to the T-shirts, which are deeply loved by young men and women. In addition, specially treated peach skin polyester imitation silk, warp-washed real silk, spun silk, etc. are ideal fabrics for T-shirts. High-quality and cheap cotton fabrics have become the darling of T-shirt fabrics. It has the characteristics of being very comfortable to wear. It accounts for the largest proportion of T-shirts, which satisfies people's psychological requirements for returning to the basics and nature.

Since T-shirts are clothing that people can wear on various occasions, the styles are also slightly changed. For example, appropriate decorations on T-shirts can add infinite charm. You can use a pen to write the name of yourself or your idol in English letters on a light-colored T-shirt, or you can draw a few simple strokes full of fun to make your T-shirt look unique. Or you can cut the bottom edge of the old T-shirt that you no longer wear and use it as a hair band. Through some designs, T-shirts can add endless charm, which is both fashionable and interesting. It is precisely because of this that T-shirts have become a major trend today.

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