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Dressing Rules for Short Girls

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Short girls want to be able to make themselves look taller through dressing. Today we will introduce some dressing rules for short girls.

1. Loose shirts with tights

When we choose tops, what type of tops are better recommended? That is the loose-fitting top. Generally speaking, this kind of top can dent the curve of the figure. This also means that even if the top is looser, if you choose a fabric with a strong drape, not only will it not look lazy, but it will be a little sexy, which is very suitable for short girls. Generally speaking, there are more choices when matching tops of this style. A pair of tights will make your legs look very long, which will lengthen your proportions as a whole.

2. Floral dress

Floral dress can be said to be a popular item forever in summer. The biggest feature of this type of dress is that it can highlight a sense of layering, which has a small and fresh feeling, so it is very suitable for short girls. When short girls choose this type of outfit, they can choose a warm background color, and the flowers on the dress are also warm colors. This is for a more harmonious whole. Because not everyone is able to control a particularly flamboyant style, and well-prepared broken flowers are a good choice. The v-neck dress is especially friendly for short girls. It can lengthen the neck ratio, so that the head does not appear big, and naturally the whole person's height can be modified to a certain extent. Naturally, the whole person looks much taller and thinner.


3. Jeans with tops

When jeans and tops are paired together, they are very suitable for a lazy look. Wearing this style of jeans when choosing jeans, you can choose straight jeans, which can modify the body line while also allowing the fat on the body to be concealed. When choosing tops for this type of jeans, a basic round neck T-shirt is a good choice. It is versatile and easy to control. Of course we can also choose flared pants. Flared pants can show the elegance of your figure. Although this type of trousers looks ordinary, they can be very feminine when matched. You can choose a loose shirt for tops. It is a combination of sexy and lazy style, especially attractive, this type of wear is very suitable for short girls.

4. Skirt matching

Speaking of the matching of skirts, short girls must find a skirt that suits them, because skirts are really too friendly for short girls. When choosing a match for this type of skirt, we can consider the combination of skirt and shirt. You can choose loose shirts and loose skirts to form a lovely and mysterious feeling of blooming flowers. Or you can choose a slightly slim-fitting skirt with a professional shirt. This combination is not only thin, but more importantly, it is very temperamental.

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