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Essentials of Dressing for Formal Occasions

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In our daily life, there will be a variety of different occasions, and different styles of clothing need to be selected for different occasions. Today we will talk about dressing for formal occasions. Dress in formal occasions is mainly formal. Formal wear refers to clothing used in daily work or formal activities. Uniforms in some industries can also be classified in this category. Formal wear requires concise styles, uniform colors, clearly marked, clean and tidy. In modern formal business activities, men usually wear suits with leather shoes, while women wear high heels with suit skirts.

1. The unified principle

The principle of unification mainly refers to the unification of clothing types. There are different types of clothing. When choosing clothing, you should choose the same type of clothing instead of mixing different types of clothing. Mixing different types of clothing will give people a very strong impression of inconsistency, disorder, or even division. Each type of clothing should only be matched with similar clothing. For example, suits are equipped with suit pants and leather shoes, skirts are equipped with high heels and so on. While paying attention to the uniformity of the types, it should also be noted that the styles, colors and accessories of the various parts of the clothing are unified and coordinated. For example, if you need to wear a suit, it is better to carry a briefcase or a document bag, rather than a travel bag or a software cloth bag.


2. The three-color principle

The three-color principle is the basic principle for choosing formal colors. The implication is that the colors required for formal wear should generally be kept as small as possible, and should be controlled within three colors. This choice helps to maintain the overall style of formal dress solemn and conservative.

3. The principle of moderation

Formal occasions are not a place for beauty pageants or for showing off their wealth. When attending formal occasions, you must pay special attention to the number of accessories, and not to be overly ostentatious and exaggerated. Never let formal dressing be a way of showing off wealth. The decoration effect should be moderate, no noise, no strong light, no overwhelming attention, and as simple and bright as possible. It should be noted that two different textures of gold and silver jewelry are best not to be worn together.


4. The principle of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses

Dress in business activities should fully reflect the beautifying effect of clothing. Attention should be paid to using clothing to highlight the advantages of one's physical condition and cover the disadvantages. When practicing the principle of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, we mainly rely on the choice of clothing colors and styles. Obese people should avoid wearing light-colored clothing, and short people should avoid wearing large clothing.

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