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Fashion Dresses for Summer

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In the hot summer, ladies who love beauty will of course wear all kinds of beautiful dresses. Today we will recommend some popular summer dresses.

1. Plaid dress

"Checkered pattern" can be said to be a timeless element in the fashion circle. The sense of retro is slowly integrated into the dress, combining gentleness and retro, art and retro, which is very seductive. More mature middle-aged women can try the classic "Scottish plaid dress". This style of plaid dress has a British retro atmosphere, which does not appear to escape at all, and looks stable and bright. And younger sisters, it is recommended to start with "Vichy Plaid Skirt". "Vichy Plaid Skirt " is relatively simple, adopting the design of "two colors" that are staggered with each other, and with the rich colors, it looks more energetic. But be aware that the plaid dress is a single product with rich colors. If the tops that match with it also use rich colors, it is easy to make the modeling colors too messy, causing the overall color to be out of balance and unable to grasp the point. Therefore, when matching, it is recommended to adopt the contrast principle of "one complex and one simple" and choose a simple solid color top to match with a plaid dress.

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2. Polka dot dress

The same retro polka dot dress can be said to perfectly interpret the French romantic style. The dense small polka dots are tiled on the dress, which breaks the monotony of the pure color dress of the dress, and can wear it with a sense of beauty. When choosing a polka dot dress, you can choose mainly from the color. For example, the more classic "black background, white polka-dot dress", "white background, black polka-dot dress" are more versatile styles. This kind of dress can not only control the tops of various colors, but also create an elegant and atmospheric feeling, which is very classic. If you prefer an energetic style, you can also try the "color wave dot" style, which will look more eye-catching.

3. Pleated dress

If you want to wear an intellectual and gentle feeling, you must not miss the pleated dress. The pleated dress is gentle and generous. In addition, the tightly arranged folds of the pleated dress have a good modification effect on the leg lines. But be aware that if your crotch is wider, try to choose less pleated dresses with densely arranged folds, which can easily increase the swelling and make your crotch more bloated. It is best to choose a pleated dress with a larger fold distance, which will have a better modification effect on the crotch. In addition, when choosing a pleated dress, you must pay more attention to the choice of color.

4. Cake dress

The last thing I want to recommend is the girly cake dress. The dress of the cake dress has a strong sense of layering, using a layered design, which not only makes the dress look fluffy and girlish, but also adds a sense of design and makes the shape more attractive. When choosing a cake dress, you can choose more from the style and length.

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