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Fashionable British Dressing Style

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When it comes to the more popular styles, the first thing everyone thinks of is French style. After all, French style dressing has been too popular in the past two years, and the lazy and romantic feeling makes people look very comfortable. But today we want to share with you the British style dressing.

British dressing style is a lazy style, with a sense of academic style, but also a bit of royal retro flavor. Its tone is relatively dark, and the overall match gives a very thick and textured feeling. When it comes to British style, the first thing everyone thinks of is the doll's lapel dress. In recent years, dolls with big lapel clothes are also a retro fashion. This element is used in many dresses or shirts. It is a combination of the doll collar and the ordinary lapel, which has the area of the lapel, and also has the style of the doll collar.


You can choose a shirt or a dress. If it's a shirt, you can go out with a college-style overalls. This kind of wear can get rid of the ordinary feeling of ordinary shirts and skirts, and it can also look younger and more energetic on this basis. Ladies who like to have a little pattern, you can choose a doll lapel knit sweater with high-waist slacks, which has a British style. And if you are a middle-aged person over 50 years old, this kind of outfit looks very kind and cute. Another very famous element of British style is the plaid. I believe that whether it is shirts or pants, or even the scarves and hats around us, many people like to use plaid to set off. This is mainly because the plaid is a classic and timeless element, and the elements of the plaid are often reminiscent of the British style. Perhaps it is not suitable to wear plaid in summer, especially the warm and dark plaid, which will look a little bulky and too warm. In spring, plaid clothes are more suitable.

For  spring skirts, you can choose a classic plaid skirt with a lapel sweater, which looks retro and cute. For bolder collocations, you can choose straight-leg pants with checkered elements. In fact, straight-leg pants with plaid elements are a very trendy wear. Compared with black pants or wide-leg pants, trousers with some plaid elements seem to be more outstanding. In terms of color, you can try to choose a top with the same color as the pants, so that it looks less obtrusive. If you want to look less at home, you can add more accessories or make a hairstyle.

Ordinary shirts are used as inner wear, with sweater vests highlighting the shoulder line, which has a neutral feel. Another match is to put the white shirt directly on the inside of the long-sleeved sweater, and then send out the shirt collar. This is a more classic match. The important point is that the color of the pants should be in contrast or echoing with the color of the clothes, and the tone should not be too complicated.

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