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Gentle Dressing Style in Spring and Summer

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After entering the spring, the whole atmosphere has become gentle, and even the wind blowing across the face is gentle. Women's dressingand matching can also show a gentle style. Gentleness reflects a simple and gorgeous, giving people a unique feeling. After entering the spring and summer season, if you want to have a gentle temperament, start with a gentle style. Let's introduce some gentle styles to you.

1. Simple basic color matching skills

The gentle wind must not be too complicated. When we look at a person, we will first see her appearance and clothing. A person's clothing is the most capable of giving people the first impression. This is why many women prefer simple style clothes. This kind of outfit can most intuitively reflect personal clothing, simple basic styles are more durable, using low-key colors, comfortable to wear, looking high-end. You can use simple and basic colors and styles to superimpose to create a simple and gentle style. This kind of outfit is suitable for spring and summer, it has a casual taste and is very fashionable.


2. Simple basic color matching demonstration

(1) The matching of white clothes

White clothing can be used in a large area, and can also be matched with other basic colors. This is a relatively simple and simple style. For example, a white shirt, round neck can better reflect a person's softness, the lower body is matched with an A-line skirt. The dress of the same color is clean and neat, with a gentle style of a Korean lady. Or you can match this year's more popular white pants, casual style loose white pants with a black shirt, embellishment with a brown bag, there are no more than three colors on the whole body. This kind of collocation is simple and neat, the gentleness brought by this kind of simplicity is incomparable, and the temperament is very exquisite.

(2) The matching of gray clothes

Gray has always been synonymous with high class. Although white is popular in spring and summer, gray is indispensable, especially for girls who pursue gentleness and high class. The upper body is matched with a creamy white shirt, and the lower body is a gray skirt with slit design, which has a kind of literary gentleness. As a very popular item in the fashion industry, suits are matched with gray suit pants. The contrast between the colors is very strong, showing the fashion.


(3) The matching of colored clothes

The gentle style created by the color series is very compatible with the spring and summer seasons, and is especially suitable for girls who like to travel outing. When choosing a color series, if you want a gentle wind and soft towel, it is best to choose a basic and simple style, which is comfortable and shows a kind of femininity. The color of the overall shape shown by the colored clothes is very full. There are two or three colored clothes, and the overall shape is both durable and very temperamental. You can make full use of blue, apricot, or clothing with printed elements for styling matching.

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