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How to Avoid the Sense of Cheapness by Dressing

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The beauty of clothing is related to things and people, and the sense of exquisiteness of clothing also lies in the suitability of clothing itself. Let's talk about how to avoid the sense of cheapness by dressing.

1. The shape of the clothes should match your figure

The cheapness of clothing is not determined by the price, but by the inherent characteristics of the clothing itself. Details such as the version and design of the clothes will affect the look and feel of the clothes. If you wear too loose, it is difficult to show your figure, but if you wear too tight, you can't avoid the feeling of being fat. No matter how good the quality of these clothes is, they cannot avoid being unfashionable. Therefore, the style of clothing determines the aesthetics and at the same time affects the comfort of the clothing. Choose from the style, the shoulder line fits the shoulders, which will make the wear more three-dimensional and line-like. The overall dress is also very clean, refreshing and neat.


2. The element style of clothing must match

The cheapness of clothing is related to the superposition of multiple elements or the misuse of styles. Printing, lace, stitching, color contrast, lace, etc., the superimposition or misuse of multiple elements causes excessive force, resulting in a strong sense of visual impact, resulting in aesthetic fatigue, and unavoidable feeling of cheapness. The indiscriminate use of style is not clear about the style that suits you, and random application or superimposition will only cause discomfort in dressing. In terms of clothing elements, make it simple or one simple and one complex. That is, at most one complex element is retained in the whole body, and it needs to be matched according to the complexity of the element and the sense of design. The simple white sweater is matched with a printed skirt, which is simple on the top and complicated on the bottom. It looks complicated but very fashionable. Or the embellishment of a golden necklace also adds a sense of fashion to the dress.

3. Simple or bright color matching

The cheap sense of clothing, and the random collocation derived from colors. As they grow older, many women prefer colorful clothing. However, the complex colors will reduce the fashion sense of wearing, and the matching of colors and colors will also appear cramped. The comfort of dressing comes from the visual beauty brought by color. Therefore, in terms of clothing color, it is more recommended to choose a color that looks comfortable.


4. Know the use of accessories

The above three sources of cheapness have one thing in common: too much. Multiple elements, multiple styles, and multiple colors make the dress look messy and unfocused. The same is true for accessories. When the clothes are too simple, you can use exquisite or exaggerated accessories to light up the whole body and increase the fashionable sense of the whole body. And if the clothing already has enough design sense, you only need to embellish it with simple accessories or without any accessories.

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