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How to Choose Clothes for Dark Yellow Skin

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Very often, girls with dark and yellow skin will struggle with the question of whether to wear black or white is more beautiful. In fact, dark skin does not look bad in black. Today we will tell you what color clothes look good for people with dark and yellow skin.

1. Smog blue

As the coldest color in the color spectrum, blue represents remoteness and coldness, as well as calmness and sanity. If you always feel that your skin tone is dull, you can try to choose blue clothes. The calm and intellectual blue will make the complexion light and fresh. But too bright blue will appear aggressive and is not particularly suitable for people with yellow skin. Smog blue looks lighter than navy blue and dark blue. Cloud haze blue with white, black, and gray can better show its freshness. If you have a smog blue coat, it is recommended to match the same color sweater and black, gray or white bottoms. Such a match will look very delicate and have a sense of quality.

white dress

2. White

White will make you look more energetic, will give a clean and tidy visual effect, and make you look more energetic. This can well neutralize the dirty feeling of yellow and black skin. Although white clothes is super versatile, it is also an "expanded color". If you are a little heavy, it is recommended to wear dark colors on the outside and white on the inside.

3. Black

A black outfit is also very cool. Asians with yellow skin choose black, so that the ultimate color without any color is particularly eye-catching. You can also choose some clothes styles with white patterns, or bright accessories to brighten the overall tone. Combining these two extreme colors, black and white, will definitely bring out the skin tone.

4. Blush gold

The blush is gold and playful and gentle, the powder is just right, not too tender, nor gaudy. It is a color that you will fall in love with once you try it. People with dark and yellow skin will not look dull when wearing clothes of this color, on the contrary, they will be more energetic. If you like gold, you must not miss this color of clothing.

5. Milk tea color

The effects of milk tea color and blush gold are similar, and both belong to the nude color series. The milk tea color looks gentle and gentle visually, but it is low-key but full of elegance. Its color saturation is low, and it does not pick the color of the skin. It can accommodate all skin tones, and people with yellow and black skin look good in clothes of this color.


The above are some recommended colors for black and yellow skin clothes, but no matter what color the clothes are, the most important thing is what suits you.

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