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How to Choose a Sweater if Your Shoulders Are Wide

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For people with wide shoulders and thick backs who like to wear sweaters, it is very important to choose a suitable sweater. Today I will introduce a few sweaters for people with shoulder widths.

A thick body with a wide shoulder and a thick back is actually a typical Y-shaped body. Generally speaking, the width of the shoulder is wider than the width of the hip. For this type of figure, when choosing a top coat, you should choose a clothing style that gathers the line of sight, such as a V-neck top or a large lapel top. Therefore, when choosing sweaters, you should avoid all kinds of styles with a sense of expansion.

1. The V-neck sweater can lengthen the neck line better and shrink the shoulder width ratio

V-neck sweaters can often form a triangle area on the chest, so that it can focus the line of sight on one point, so as to achieve the effect of shrinking the shoulder line. Loose brown sweater, seahorse hair material is easy to look very strong, and the design of the small V-neck at this time perfectly shrinks the collar neckline, making the shoulders look narrower. And in order to keep warm, you can put a round neck white T shirt inside, which will not only cause a sense of restraint on the neck, but also make the match more layered.

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2. Black sweater has the effect of shrinking the line of sight

Everyone knows that black clothes are thinner. But when you use black sweaters for styling, it is recommended to decorate your neck as much as possible. On the one hand, it can make the collocation less monotonous, and on the other hand, it can achieve a certain lengthening effect. If the black sweater is too plain, there will be fewer highlights on the body. A black sweater with a little highlight is very good. But don't choose bright sweaters. Bright-colored sweaters test the individual's driving ability, matching ability and the sense of material of the single product. Especially for such delicate clothes as sweaters, the color purity is not enough and it is easy to produce a sense of cheapness. For example, a loose sweater with fluorescent powder will give a heavy blow to people with wide shoulders and thick backs. Secondly, the bright colors have a sense of swelling, which will make people look stronger, no matter what they are, they are not friendly enough for people with broad shoulders and thick backs.

3. Thin-line sweaters have less swelling

The swelling feeling of the thin-line sweater is not so obvious, and the drape performance of the sweater itself makes the shoulder swelling feel much weaker. The loose-fitting thin-line sweater fits the shoulders well, so there will be no problem of lack of shape. The delicate materials and delicate lines make the whole match particularly low-key and stable. With the blessing of the dark color, the upper body often looks minimalist and casual, without causing unnecessary swelling.


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