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How to Dress Beautifully and Show Your Temperament

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There are many ways to become beautiful, and wearing is the simplest, direct and effective one. Dressing is your fashion expression. There are endless topics about fashion. For ordinary people, they are most concerned about how to dress and match according to their figure and skin color, so as to effectively maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and show their extraordinary taste and sense of superiority. How to dress to be both good-looking and temperamental? Let's see it together.

Use light colors to create an elegant and ladylike style. Elegance is the best compliment for a woman. It represents your self-cultivation and dignity of posture. It has nothing to do with body and appearance, but it can greatly affect beauty. An elegant woman is always full of infinite charm, and people can't help but associate with it, so gentle light-colored clothes are a good helper to create an elegant atmosphere. The knit sweater is paired with an off-white short skirt. The light colors of different light and shade are intertwined, and the layers are not monotonous but also very advanced. Simple basic sweaters can be more colorful by changing them together.


Different colors represent different emotions. If light colors represent tranquility and elegance, bright colors represent sunny vitality and youthfulness. In spring, you no longer have to wrap yourself up like winter, and it's time to wear short skirts. A skirt with a length above the knee can show slender legs, extend the proportion of the legs, and make you look taller. Black is known as a versatile color, and the umbrella-shaped skirt has a good modification effect on the figure, and it will not appear too dull and serious. It is suitable for all kinds of shapes. In the cool spring season, you can also wear socks of different lengths to create different styles.

The weather in spring is hot and cold. Who doesn't have three or two coats as a replacement? In addition to suits, trench coats are also on the list. The details of epaulettes, cufflinks, and double-breasted buttons make the trench coat look free and casual, yet swift and capable, which is very suitable for women in the workplace. Choosing a mid-length style that reaches the middle of the thigh can not only effectively cover the hips and hips, but also avoid dragging on the height due to too long, which is the best choice for body modification.

Needless to say, the charm of jeans is versatile and comfortable, but it may not be suitable for you if you wear it almost every day! Girls with thick legs should not wear tight pants, and small girls should not wear too loose pants. Elastic straight-leg pants and micro-flared jeans are suitable for most girls. Booty jeans can modify the problems of thick calf and unsightly legs. They are the first choice for spring and summer wear. With a basic short top, it is simple but not simple. This kind of collocation demonstrates the fashion attitude from the details, which is fashionable and accented.

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