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How to Dress With Confidence and Temperament

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For middle-aged women, dressing must not only reflect their aura, but also show their self-confidence. Let's share with you some ideas for dressing today.

1. Shirts and wide-leg pants

Since it is to show the self-confidence and aura, naturally we can't let go of matching shirts and wide-leg pants. Based on the dark yellow complexion, out-of-shape, and fatness that middle-aged women may have, when we choose clothing styles, we directly choose basic shirts and wide-leg pants, and it is best to choose soft colors. The white shirt and light coffee-colored wide-leg pants have its unique simplicity.

Key point: To match a shirt with wide-leg pants, please choose the shirt version that suits you. The shirt version is best to be slim or slightly loose. Overly complex and cumbersome shirts will not make your temperament stand out. If you want to show your aura through shirts, please choose shirts based on your body's strengths and weaknesses.

Selection of wide-leg pants: Don't be exaggerated. It is actually better to have a gap of 3 to 10 cm between the wide-leg pants and the thigh. Don't choose too long trousers. Mopping trousers are only available for street shooting or fashion bloggers. They are really inappropriate for daily wear.



2. Plain T-shirt and pipe pants

Shirts and wide-leg trousers are basic items with tough lines and sharp edges. But T-shirts and pipe pants are different, they can show more diversified styles that can be shaped.

Key points for selection of T-shirts and pipe pants: For middle-aged women, the selection should be more basic. The matching of T-shirts and pipe pants, if it is a sweet-looking woman, it is difficult to wear it with aura. But for middle-aged women, they have experience to rely on, and this combination can just weaken the sweetness. And confident aura comes at hand. The long white T-shirt is matched with gray cigarette trousers, and the two echo each other. With a pair of Martin boots can enhance the overall feeling of wear. At the same time of simplicity, the color matching is in place, and the sense of balance is just right.


3. Trench coat and skirt

The trench coat is very temperamental, classic and generous, and has a capable and generous side of women in the workplace. When the trench coat is matched with the skirt, there is a gentle and intellectual side of charming women. The fusion of the two makes the fashion and temperament precise, and the lines of the trench coat match the softness of the skirt.


The mix and match between styles and styles should reflect a full sense of texture, and we can focus on the materials of different styles of clothing. When choosing materials when buying clothes, especially trench coat, try to avoid soft, non-line-like materials. Because the soft material is easy to fold, it looks very cheap.

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