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How to Dress Without Looking Fat

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Three-point look, seven-point dress, a good dress will make you more temperamental. Today we will share with you how to wear clothes can make you not look fat.

1. Regarding the length of the skirt: the length of the dress should be determined according to your height

Inappropriate dress length will shorten your body proportions and make you look fat, so the length of the dress is very important. For ladies under 160cm, it is recommended that you choose short dress above the knee. If you are afraid of exposing the fat on the legs, you can choose the length of the dress to the ankle. Then match it with a pair of high heels. This outfit can look thin and tall!

2. Regarding the top: it is very important whether the corners of the top should be stuffed into the pants. 

Obviously, choose a short top, or tuck the corners of the top into the dress, your body proportions will be better. So when you wear a short dress, please tuck the corners of your top in the skirt so that you will look thinner.


3. Regarding the type of pants: Don't wear tight pants if you have thick legs

Many people now like to wear wide-leg pants. There is no problem with wide-leg pants covering the shape of the legs. It is simply a savior for women with thick legs. But if you want to look more thinner, choose wide pants with a larger hem opening.

4. About stripes: Wearing the right stripes will not make you look fat

Many girls avoid the horizontal stripes. They think that the horizontal stripes look very fat. In fact, it is not the case. The clothes that look fat to wear are thick striped clothes. The clothes with thin and dense horizontal stripes not only don't look fat, but actually look thin. Therefore, if you want to look thin, when buying clothes with horizontal stripes, please choose thin and dense horizontal stripes. Girls who are too thin and want to look fatter can choose wide stripes as much as they want. For people with narrow and slippery shoulders, if they want their shoulders to be wider, choose a shirt with thick stripes on the shoulders; If a girl with a flat chest wants to show fullness, she can choose clothes with thick stripes on the chest; If you want a thick waist to show a thin waist, choose a dress with pinstripes on the waist.

5. About the coat: A neatly tailored and stylish coat is undoubtedly the best choice for fat girls. 

The waisted skirt jacket is very suitable for girls with a pear-shaped figure, and can completely cover up your shortcomings. It should be noted that cocoon-shaped and A-shaped coats are more suitable for thin girls.

womens clothes

6. About pants length: When a short lady buys pants, the pants will always be longer. 

So when choosing pants, you can directly choose pants with shorter legs, which will look thinner and taller! But the trouser legs are not as short as possible. If your leg proportions are not good, don't wear half-length trousers.

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