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How to Improve the Fashion Sense of Cardigan

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In autumn, there is gradually a more pronounced temperature difference between day and night. At this time, a warm and convenient clothing that can be put on at any time is more important than anything else, and the knitted cardigan is the existence of this warmth. As a down-to-earth and delicate single product, how to wear a knitted cardigan with a sense of fashion?

1. Choosing the right cardigan style and fabric is a plus for fashion

From the selection of single products, you will find that the basic knitted cardigans are thin, delicate and short. If you want to increase the style of fashion, try a large size, thick lines, or a long cardigan with a strong presence. For women with full breasts and a slightly thicker upper body, you may be worried that this type of loose cardigan will look fatter, so you can choose a medium-length or long-length design with a nice drape and nice bat sleeves, which will be stretched. Stretching, it doesn't look too bloated.

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2. Wear a bottoming shirt to add points to fashion

On the one hand, wearing a T-shirt with a slogan adds fashionable and modern elements, so that the docile and well-behaved knitted cardigan can immediately rise to the street. Or add geometric accessories, metal earrings, necklaces can be, boldly superimposed to improve the fashion index. On the other hand, the high-necked primer that has been popular in the past two years can also increase the strength and aura of the soft cardigan, adding points to fashion. Ladies who don't have a long and slender neck can choose a soft and delicate pile collar.

3. Change the way of wearing to add points to the sense of fashion

The first method is to choose a tight-fitting knitted cardigan, button up all the buttons of the cardigan, wear it directly as a top, and tie it into your pants or skirt to show off your body lines.

The second method is to put a sling or a small vest inside the cardigan, exposing one shoulder, and wear it diagonally to show your charming clavicle curve.

The third method is to button all the buttons of the cardigan as a pullover, and wear the buttoned side on the back. The overall is novel and individual.

The fourth method is to drape the cardigan casually on the shoulders as a shawl. Even if the cardigan is a little bright in color and pattern, it is a different style to drape it casually on the shoulders.

All single product selections are based on your own individual, and suitability is the most important. If your facial features are small and exquisite, the character is gentle, the basic light and soft knitted cardigan can better interpret this feeling. If your facial features are three-dimensional, you can choose some bright and jumping color matching, or increase your personality through makeup and sunglasses.

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