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How to Judge the Quality of a Piece of Clothing

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In modern society, in addition to basic functions, clothes are more of a reference that symbolizes a person's standard of living and social status. A good quality clothing reflects the quality of life, so it is particularly important to master some clothing quality identification methods to judge the quality of clothing by yourself. So how to judge the quality of a piece of clothing, we can judge from the following aspects.

1. Look at the cloth edges. If the cloth edges are neat, the weave of the material itself is also neat. Look at the texture of the cloth. The vertical and horizontal lines of a better fabric should cross vertically. Smell the fabric. Wool should not smell of oil, and chemical fiber fabrics should not smell of medicine.

2. In general, the front side of clothing is relatively flat, smooth and detailed, while the back side is darker, the cloth edge is rougher, and the texture is unclear. Plain cloth color, clear pattern, bright color is the front, and the jacquard fabric is delicately woven on the front side. The side with long strips of yarn is the opposite.

3. The twill weave on the front of gabardine, double-sided card, polyester card and other fabrics slopes from right to lower left, which is called "skimming"; The front twill of yarn card, whistle, polyester-cotton and other fabrics is inclined from left to bottom, which is called "snap pattern".


4. Try to use fabrics with linear patterns when making clothes. It is best to use line cutting when cutting. This will give people a "skinny" feeling. Do not make clothes too tight or too loose. Too tight will reveal a fat appearance, while too loose will make you appear larger and more fat.

5. Do not wear skirts that are too short or too long for women with fat bodies. The length should be lowered near the knee. A skirt that is too short will reveal the fat on the legs. Too long will give people a "short and fat" feeling. If you put out the "upper, middle and lower" three paragraphs, it will appear that you have naturally increased. If the upper body, skirt and stockings are in different colors, it will look slender.

6. If your calves are fat, don't keep your socks and shoes too noticeable. The more common the better, and the color should not be too bright. Lest people feel you are fat when they pay attention to your legs and feet. In addition, dark colors are also a good way to hide your weight. Wearing dark-colored clothes, especially black fashion, will make you feel thinner.

7. If your neck is not too long, you must not wear round neck underwear. The V-shaped collar of your clothes will help make your neck look longer. If a lady with a short neck wants to wear a necklace, please note that your necklace cannot be too long, but not too short. It's better to have a pendant underneath the necklace, such as a red heart.

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