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How to Match White Pants

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White is probably the most suitable color for summer. As a versatile color, white T-shirts and white shoes are also extremely popular. After all, you can't go wrong how to wear them. However, white trousers are not so good. The reason why people reject white trousers is almost because they look fat when they wear them, and they are not easy to wash when they are dirty! From a visual point of view, white pants do not have the powerful ability to show thinness as black pants. Because of the white visual expansion effect, wearing white pants even has the opposite effect of showing thick legs. However, what makes white pants invincible is that they are refreshing, clean, and super fashionable. Therefore, it is still necessary to prepare a pair of white pants in summer. Let's take a look at how to match white pants with more fashion.

1. White long wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are simply the gospel for slightly fat ladies. The fat design hides the small thick legs perfectly, and unexpectedly offsets the white visual swelling. Since then, the white pants are no longer fat. The length of the ankle has greatly stretched the line of the leg, and a pair of high heels is hidden inside, making the whole person look tall and thin. Wearing a shirt with white wide-leg pants is more formal, giving a refreshing and capable impression.

white pants

2. White cropped pants

Compared with the long wide-leg pants, the ankles are exposed when wearing the cropped trousers, which is cooler, and the effect of lengthening the height is not weakened. If you want to be taller, match it with a pair of silver high heels.

3. White suit pants

The silhouette of the suit pants is wide and tight at the bottom, which can hide the fat on the buttocks and thighs. It is very suitable for fat girls. It is casual and handsome to wear. Suit pants are also a savior for people without straight legs, and the straight silhouette can easily correct leg shortcomings.

4. White jeans

White jeans are slightly more difficult to control, and the problem of fake thinness is exposed if you are not careful. When wearing them, you still have to choose the style carefully. The ripped jeans that are very popular this year are a good choice. The higher the ripped hole, the better the effect of showing leg length. It is worth cheering that jeans are also available in wide-leg styles! This white wide-leg jeans are still worth considering if you keep your abdomen in.

White pants are paired with a chiffon shirt. The combination of two fashion items is simple and generous. When you go out on a date, pair it with a bright color bag, which is absolutely dazzling. And the matching of white pants and broken flowers is very casual and relaxing, giving people the feeling of youthful and lively movement.


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