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How to Remove All Kinds of Stains on Clothes

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The clothes we wear every day are always stained with all kinds of stains. Some stains are easy to wash off, but some are difficult to wash off. Here are a variety of methods for daily washing stains, which are very effective in removing stains on clothes.

1. Wash the paint on clothes.

When cleaning the paint on the clothes, you can use a lot of detergent to rub it repeatedly, and then rinse with water, the paint will soon disappear. It is also possible to use soap, but the cleaning time will be longer.

2. Remove mildew on clothes.

To remove mildew on clothes, first look at the fabric of the clothes. Different fabrics have different removal methods. Woolen clothes can be exposed to the sun and then washed with a brush. Wool and chemical fiber clothes can be wiped with turpentine. Silk clothes can be washed with citric acid aqueous solution and then rinsed with cold water.

3. Remove pen marks on clothes.

When writing, I often let the pen draw on the clothes. If you want to get rid of the ink stains on your clothes, you can use a cotton ball to pat the ink mark, and then rub it with warm water (20 times water) with detergent. The ink stains of the signature pen can be soaked with 10-20 times water with an appropriate amount of Amonia washing powder, scrubbed, and finally rinsed with water.


4. Remove soy sauce stains from clothes.

If clothes are stained with new soy sauce, wash them with cold water first, and then with detergent. For stubborn and old soy sauce stains, add proper amount of ammonia water (4 parts detergent solution plus 1 part ammonia water) to the detergent to wash, and finally rinse with water.

5. Wash yellowed clothes.

To clean yellowed clothes, you can soak the clothes in the rice-washing water, scrub them, and rinse them with water to make the clothes bright as new. The sweat stains produced by sweating have already condensed inside the clothes, so add 2 tablespoons of ammonia water to the washing liquid, soak for a few minutes, scrub it, and wash it off with water.

6. Remove fruit juice stains on clothes.

When the clothes are splashed with juice, for heavy stains, you can use 5% ammonia water to scrub, and finally use detergents for regular cleaning. Faint traces should be patted with a damp cloth in time to lighten the juice stains. At home, you can use salt to scrub the scars in time to remove them.

7. Remove oil stains.

For housewives, the biggest stain is the oil stains when cooking. Generally, the clothes are splashed with oil. If it can be cleaned quickly, you only need to scrub the oily area with soap. If it is a long oil stain, you can soak the oil stain in white vinegar first, and wash it off with soap after 15 minutes.

8. Remove sweat stains.

Sweat stains are one of the most common stains in life. Generally, sweat stains can be cleaned up by daily cleaning. If it is a long-term sweat stain, you can soak the sweat stained clothes in 30 degrees warm water, pour in washing powder, and wash it off after 30 minutes. Everyone should develop the habit of using lotion or softener when washing clothes, so as to keep the clothes bright and white.

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