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How to Wash Silk and Linen Clothes Without Fading

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The summer is mild, and clothes made of two kinds of fabrics are particularly popular. These are clothes made of silk and linen. However, some people feel that wearing these two kinds of clothes is a bit unpleasant, because it is easy to fade when washing. So, how can we prevent silk and linen clothes from fading during washing? Let's take a look together.

First of all, avoid washing silk and linen clothes with warm water, so as not to cause color fading. This is because silk and linen clothes are less firm in color. If they encounter warm water, they will easily fade.

Another point is to avoid using detergent to wash silk and linen clothes, but try to choose neutral detergent or washing clothes. This is because washing powder contains high alkali, if silk and linen clothes come into contact with it, the color will quickly fade.

After the silk and linen clothes are washed, they should actually be soaked in diluted white vinegar. This method is called superacid, which is used to fix the color. You can add 5% white vinegar to the water, and then put the silk and linen clothes into the soak for about 2 minutes.

Note that silk and linen clothes should be washed continuously, instead of soaking them halfway through the washing, or stacking them together, which is very bad for the clothes.

Sometimes your clothes will turn yellow or have stains that are difficult to clean. Here we will introduce several methods to wash clothes made of linen and silk fabrics.


Method 1: Wash with rice water

The rice water is weakly alkaline and can react with the grease in the stain to make it into other substances that can dissolve in water. You can first soak the silk clothes in the rice-washing water for about 20 minutes, and then wash them regularly.

Method two: wash with lemon juice or white vinegar lemon

This is actually the use of acid-base neutralization reaction. After the neutralization reaction, some residues remaining on the blot can be reacted with the yellow mark, which can also remove the yellow stain.

Method 3: Wash with winter melon slices and lemon juice

You can use wax gourd slices to scrub the stains (wheat melon juice can remove yellow stains), and then rinse with water. If it is yellowing on a large area, you can put in an appropriate amount of fresh lemon juice, or you can wash off the yellow stains.


Method 4: Color bleaching method

You can go to the supermarket to buy color bleach and soak the clothes in 45 degrees warm water for an hour. Then use detergent and soak again in 45 degrees warm water for one hour. Turn it over several times during this period to ensure that your yellowed silk fabric will be as white as ever.

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