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How to Wear Classic Red Will Not Look Tacky

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Many people think red is very tacky when worn on their bodies. In fact, this has a lot to do with the choice and matching of clothes. Due to the high saturation of red, it will look very flamboyant when worn on a large area, which is still a bit exaggerated for daily wear. But if you choose partial red embellishment, the overall match will become bright and fashionable. Next, let's talk about how to dress red in autumn and winter and how to control it easily. Let's take a look.

1. Red and black and white

Although the whole body is red is very popular, the bright red is very eye-catching, and the color itself also has a sense of expansion. If you don't want to be too dazzling or you are not confident about your figure, don't try to wear red clothes lightly. It is recommended to match with other colors, such as basic black and white is a good choice. There is a lot of white space in white, and red is very full, and the combination of red and white will look very clean. You don't need too much red, just a small embellishment. Like the whole body is white with a little red, it will not be too dazzling, and it will be more attractive. Red is more unrestrained, while black is more restrained. The two will not be too ostentatious when paired together, and they are also very attractive. Black and white are relatively basic colors. When the three collide together, they will check and balance each other as a whole, and will not appear dull or overly ostentatious.

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2. Red and denim blue

The combination of red and blue is classic and timeless. If you want to wear a retro look, you can choose washed and distressed jeans. If you think the red is too bright, choose jeans with a lighter color. Not only are they not tacky, but the color contrast is stronger and more stunning. If you think that the red top and blue bottom are too common, you can embellish it with other red items, such as red hats, bags, shoes, etc., to make the whole more harmonious.

3. Red and beige

Beige is also the main color of autumn and winter, the most common is the beige coat, many girls worry that wearing it will appear lack of energy. A better solution is to choose red to save it. Use a small area of red to brighten up the skin tone. The red coat and beige bottoms have a gentle and elegant feeling. But note that a darker red with beige will be more retro and elegant.

4. Red and dark green

The combination of red and green can also produce amazing results, like red and dark green, it looks good. Dark green is not as eye-catching as bright green, so it will be more friendly in combination. If you think that the large area of red and green is too conspicuous, you can choose a small area of collocation. For example, adding green accessories to red clothes will have a different effect with a little embellishment.

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