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How to Wear Clothes in Autumn and Winter Will Not Look Bloated

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When the cold winter comes, many people wrap themselves in thick coats, and the whole person looks very bloated and unfashionable. In fact, if you know how to match clothes, you can wear it in both warmth and fashion even in the cold winter. Now let me introduce you to a few fashion outfits for autumn and winter.


1. All-match style-sweater

Sweaters are the most suitable clothes for autumn and winter. Of course, dressing must be both warm and fashionable. It is important to prepare a sweater that is easiest to wear out of fashion! Either a sweater or shirt is folded, or a sweater skirt and leggings are good, simple or complex outfits are fine. Sweaters with shirts, or skirts and leggings, simple or complicated outfits can satisfy your sense of fashion. With sweaters, you don't have to worry about what to wear throughout the fall and winter!

a. Sweaters and jeans

The gray sweater and jeans are simply the standard equipment that stands tall in the fashion industry. The girl who is afraid of the cold can also wear a printed scarf, which can make up for the monotonous color of the whole body! Before the very cold winter, a combination of sweater and jeans is very suitable, whether it is a combination of boots or high heels.

b. Sweater with suspenders or suspenders skirt

Chunky knitted sweater with suspenders. The collocation of the ice cream color suspenders does not show the bloated feeling of the thick-line sweater at all.

c. Sweater with solid color basic skirt

If you don't know how fashionable long sweaters are paired with knee-length skirts, then you are really outdated. Thick woolen sweaters make you look not short, and matching knee-length skirts will make you one step away from street fashionistas.

d. Pure color sweater with striped skirt

If you think that a plain dress is too boring, you can also use a metallic striped skirt to match a wide pullover. Not only stripes, but lattice patterns can also create a simple and atmospheric style.

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2. Hoodies

In almost all autumn collocations, hoodies are the protagonists. The magic of it is that the girl in the hoodie is always the most playful and fashionable in the crowd, whether it is equipped with sports equipment or high heels. A street style hoodie can make you the brightest on the street, but too loose silhouette is not suitable for everyone.

The pure color hoodie is simple and elegant. Don't think it so simple, if the lower body is matched with a solid color skirt, it will still look good. Regular hoodies with tight jeans and leather boots are also very fashionable. A digital printed hoodie or printed cool English letters is enough to reflect your sense of fashion!


3. Coat

The classic collocation can never be wrong, and as the most classic clothing, coats are not only slim and fashionable, but can be said to be the best choice for autumn and winter. With a pair of white shoes, you can easily become a fashionista.

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