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How to Wear Clothes of the Same Color to Give a Sense of Luxury

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I believe many people will have this experience. Do you often face a cabinet of clothes before going out and worry about what to wear without knowing what to wear? When you finally decide which clothes you want to wear, but you don't know what bottoms to wear and struggle with it? Today, I will share with you a group of time-saving, effortless and brain-saving outfits of the same color, which are both fashionable and high-end clothes.

First of all, we need to know that wearing light-colored clothes in the dull winter is more conspicuous, gentle and temperamental. So today we will use beige, white, champagne and other light colors for advanced matching.

garments_0044_5-119291First of all, you can choose a white bottoming shirt with a V-neck and matching the lower body with a champagne half skirt with its own advanced attributes. This combination is very friendly to girls with a pear-shaped figure. Then put on a beige cashmere coat, so that it will not only have a texture, but also look thin and warm. And in cold weather, you can put on short boots, which is simple and stylish.

Oatmeal color is also a popular color in recent years. It's a color that doesn't pick people at all. An oatmeal color coat can be paired with wide-leg pants that are more inclusive to the legs of the same color. This combination is layered and refined. It is recommended to choose wide-leg trousers that are not very wide but drape. Such trousers are not easy to look fat and not procrastinate. At the same time, you only need a scarf of the same color to add a lot of warmth to yourself. Although the matching of coats with wide-leg pants is very common, does this kind of light-colored and the same color wear have a sense of high-level rise by several degrees?

Of course we have other matching methods, if you want to wear high-class clothes and don't want to spend time matching, then you only need to put on a split oatmeal loose mid-length sweater, wear a pair of short boots of the same color, and you can go out with the jacket in your hand! Is it super easy to match this kind of clothing? This combination can also save a lot of precious time in the morning for you who love to sleep.

The high-necked white bottoming shirt can modify your face, brighten your complexion, and make you look slender. All you need is a beige woolen skirt, which is intellectual and gentle. No matter what you wear, if you want to look tall, raising your waistline is the magic weapon. Scarves and belts can reduce a lot of monotony.

In fact, the wear of the same color system does not need to be exactly the same color, only the overall color tone needs to be coordinated and unified. When you choose a single product, you can also choose another single product of different fabrics to mix and match, which will have a more layered feeling.

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