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How to Wear For Mature Women

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How a woman should wear to show her temperament has always been a question worth discussing in dressing. Especially those mature women in the workplace have lost their immaturity and become a little more mature and stable. Women of this age are pursuing elegance and beauty, so how to wear them to wear elegant temperament? Let's take a look together.

1. Short jacket

The short coat is a single product that can well highlight the figure, light and playful. And this short jacket, the color will be relatively low-key and stable. The version of the clothes is an A-shape, and the hem is slightly wider, which can cover the collapse. It will be particularly friendly to women with big hips. The hooded design also has a sense of age reduction, this style has a slightly feminine sweetness and playfulness. With a white suit pants, it can modify the leg shape and instantly enhance the temperament. A tight-fitting white sweater shows elegant and intellectual style. This combination is simple and very suitable for women in the workplace.


2. Denim jacket

The black denim jacket is casual and youthful. This loose style gives people a more casual and comfortable feeling. The street casual style paired with a gray tight-fitting skirt shows the unique femininity of personality. A gray tight-fitting knitted skirt can well highlight the graceful curve of the lower body, which is very feminine. The fishtail design is particularly elegant with a touch of sexy, and with a purple sweater, it adds a bit of color to the overall outfit, showing an elegant temperament.

3. Black and white matching

The black and white match is classic and fashionable, and it is also very temperamental. A short coat with a small black fragrance gives people a very advanced feeling, and the design of small shoulder pads is very aura. With a white pleated umbrella skirt, it is clean, elegant and full of femininity. Match it with a high-necked white inner liner for warmth and fashion. This makes it easy to create a simple, noble and elegant style.


4. Coat matching

The horn button coat belongs to the classic academic style. The white horn button coat gives people a very comfortable, clean and pure feeling, and the hooded design also brings a sense of age reduction. Paired with a pair of blue suit trousers, this white and blue collocation shows an elegant and pure temperament. Put a white V-neck long sleeve inside, and the design with a little puff sleeve is sweet and elegant.

The gray plaid coat is very retro and advanced, with a somewhat neutral style. This loose design gives people a relatively lazy and gentle feeling. With an off-white sweater, the V-neck design is feminine and very elegant. Wear a pair of white wide-leg pants, clean and concise, very suitable for the workplace. The wide-leg design can well cover the flesh of the legs, which is very fashionable and classic. This kind of collocation shows the elegant and intellectual temperament.

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