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How to Wear Pajamas as Outer Clothes

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Pajamas are home wear. It doesn't matter how you wear them without going out, and you don't need to care about whether they look fashionable or not. But after some fashionable people wear pajamas out of the house, the outer wear of pajamas has also become a fashion outfit. Many people have started to imitate this way of wearing pajamas. But if you really wear pajamas outside, it will only look sloppy. If you want to go out and wear pajamas for a sense of fashion, there are some tricks.

1. Pure color pajamas

Wearing a solid color, no matter what style of clothing, is not easy to make mistakes, and it is very easy to highlight the temperament. Pure color pajamas are also suitable, but if the style is casual enough, some processing should be done on the cutting line. On the basis of ordinary pajamas, imitating the line of the suit version, adding black lines to the clothing as a modification, emphasizing the overall version. This design makes simple pajamas instantly become very advanced, which is also the easiest pajama fashion to learn. The pure color pajamas and the suit version are actually very suitable for women in the workplace. The suit jacket is too rigid, and it is particularly stuffy to wear in summer. The style of pajamas will be more comfortable, and can also reduce the feeling of high cold and dull.


2. Printed casual pajamas

Pajamas with various floral or cartoon prints should be the most everyday pajamas. Wearing them out of the street like this may seem a bit rustic. However, a certain amount of treatment in the way of fabric and wear can also change the fashion look in seconds. First of all, in the choice of fabrics, silk fabrics are more capable of wearing a high-end sense, at least not making people feel rustic. Secondly, in the way of wearing, add a belt, or wear it open like a jacket. As pajamas, the colors of the prints are more comfortable light colors. But if you want to wear pajamas out, you can choose more gorgeous styles in color. The colorful pajamas also have a touch of Thai style. Who would believe that this is just a set of pajamas.

3. Workplace style striped pajamas

If you want to show the workplace style through the outer wear of pajamas, in addition to the solid color wear and the line of the suit, the striped pattern is also a good choice. In the workplace, striped shirts are second only to white shirts. After adding this element, even pajamas can have a formal feel. Of course, if you can, choose striped pajamas with a shirt style to better reflect the temperament of the workplace. After all, if you wear it too casually, you will feel untrustworthy in the workplace.

4. Suspender style pajamas

After the summer, in addition to T-shirt style pajamas, suspender style pajamas also have a certain sense of existence. Compared with other types of pajamas, the suspender style pajamas are obviously more attractive.

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