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How to Wear a Blue Shirt With a Sense of Fashion

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The arrival of spring always makes people feel that the world is colorful, so people also like to dress more beautifully in terms of dressing. But too bright colors can make people feel uncomfortable. The color of the shirt is relatively monotonous, but its design is very versatile. Especially blue shirts can create a variety of styles. Today we will tell you how to match blue shirts!

1. Striped blue shirt with wide-leg pants is simply a fashion model

Striped shirts feel more refined, retro and striped elements will visually create a slimming effect, wearing this shirt looks very clean and neat. Especially the blue shirt will look more literary and artistic. Generally speaking, the matching of shirts is very simple. The striped blue shirt with high-waisted wide-leg pants makes people look thin, and the high-waist design can lengthen the proportion of the legs, creating a tall spirit of the whole person. The design of the loose top can give people a lazy feeling, but without losing the taste of fashion.

2. A blue shirt with a half-length skirt, showing high-level elegance

The design of the shirt is relatively simple and generous, especially when you wear it, if you choose to unbutton two buttons, the overall style will be more fashionable and it can also show a little sexy. The blue shirt is relatively fresh and elegant, even for the sweeter and cute girls, the blue shirt is also very suitable. The style of the skirt is more mature and elegant. Especially middle-aged women, wearing a blue shirt with a skirt, are not only very versatile and convenient, but also give people a more elegant and intellectual feeling, and the aura is also very advanced.

3. A solid blue shirt and black pants are casual and show personality

blue shirt

In spring and summer, blue must be a particularly pleasing color. It feels like the sea and makes people very comfortable. The fresh style is also very popular in fashionable outfits. The pure blue shirt is very simple and advanced, especially the most versatile is the loose design of the shirt, which is very impressive when paired with pants and skirts. With black pants, blue and black tones form a clear contrast. Blue can alleviate the dullness of black, and black can bring blue overall a high-level elegance, showing the whole person's self-confident and free style, simple but very fashionable.

4. Checked blue shirt with shorts, highlighting the British style

Blue shirt with shorts, whether it is denim shorts or leather shorts, the loose design of the shirt can show a sense of lazy fashion. The design of shorts can well show the wearer's slender legs, with a cool personality. It also reflects the sexy charm of women, the blue shirt is really suitable for this lazy fashion style!

5. Blue shirt with short skirt, reflecting a sense of capable and high-end

The matching of shirts is really too much, and all kinds of bottoms can be combined well, so it can also be matched with short skirts. Striped collocation denim skirt will look fresher and reduce age, showing a girlish temperament. With leather skirts, the overall aura can be improved, and it is more like the style of the strong women in the urban workplace, which can show the elegant charm of mature women. The most important thing is that this kind of outfit does not require too much body shape, and any body shape is beautiful to wear.

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