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How to Wear a Cardigan

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Cardigan, as a new fashionable sweater single product, has been loved by the majority of people since its rise. Now let's introduce how to wear some good-looking cardigans

1. Classic regular wearing method

Wearing a cardigan directly as a spring and autumn outfit is the most conventional way to wear it. It can not only be used to give a sense of collocation, but to participate appropriately when you need a little color, but also to care for the body under the temperature difference between morning and evening or the temperature that changes at any time in the air-conditioned indoor air-conditioning room. After being folded in the bag, it does not take up any space, and it will not wrinkle when taken out and put on at any time.

2. Wear it alone as a pullover

A small round neck cardigan similar to the classic version, the hem and cuffs are finely threaded but not loose, and there are knitted fabrics that the skin is willing to get close to. It is very suitable for wearing directly next to the underwear, you can buckle up all the buttons and wear it as a thin pullover.


3. Wear it as a shawl

Like other overcoats, a small cardigan may be more fashionable if it is not worn well. You can put it on your shoulders, or only half of it, and don’t put it in your sleeves obediently, and don't care if it will fall off. This kind of dressing reflects a kind of random and reckless aura, which not only keeps warm but also does not lose demeanor.

4. Tie the hem of the cardigan into the skirt

When matching a cardigan with a skirt, I tend to tie the small cardigan and the inner skirt together. The casual feel of the small cardigan will be reduced a lot, and it will appear elegant and more integrated. A delicate belt can be wrapped around the joint to further strengthen the presence of the waistline and divide the proportions of the golden figure.

5. Knot the corners of the clothes

On the one hand, the basic cardigan is very simple in color, so anyone can easily control it. On the other hand, it is a very delicate and advanced color, and only a woman with enough color inside can wear it out of a prosperous brocade. You can pick up the corner of the cardigan, tying a cute little knot in front of you at will, and then fasten it with a button to make your posture lighter.

6. Only buckle the top button

When you only buckle the top button, wearing a cardigan is like putting on a retro cloak, and your eyes fall on the glossy buttons, reflecting the sense of elegance.

ladies cardigan

7. Match with a gentle dress

I will put on small cardigans on all kinds of silk dresses, not only to grab the dresses before the formal arrival of summer, but also to make the matching of the dresses more layered.

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