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How to Wear a Suit Without Feeling Too Formal

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In terms of aura, suits are definitely the darling of autumn fashion. It can be said that they can be both formal and casual. When you really start to understand how to wear, you realize that suits can still be worn like this. Even ordinary workplace outfits can create a distinctive fashion and elegance, not to mention the age-reducing feeling brought by those casual outfits, which makes people love it. If you also want your suit to get rid of the serious and formal effect and have more fashionable and beautiful elements, you can try the following ways of dressing, which are enough to refresh your understanding of the suit.

suit (2)

1. Milk tea color suit, half-length skirt and high-heeled short boots

To get rid of that sense of seriousness, the color of a suit is a science first. If you want to make the shape look elegant, it is best to choose colors with warm colors. For example, milk tea color is very good. It can bring us a full warm autumn temperament, and even a rich sweetness. After using it with a more elegant half-length skirt, it is completely possible to create a gentle temperament in the workplace, combined with high-heeled short boots, let the style have a certain workplace temperament.

2. Round neck sweater, white skirt and dark gray suit

In addition to the use of warm colors, in the face of dark suits, some warm colors can be appropriately incorporated into the wear to create a good elegant effect for the shape. The inner model uses classic black and white color schemes, the upper body is mainly black with a tight-fitting design, and the lower body is mainly a white long skirt with umbrella skirt design, creating an elegant temperament like Hepburn. The basic color scheme of the all-match dark gray suit creates a minimalist effect. By embellishing warm brown bags, the overall shape looks more fashion.

suit (3)

3. Small plaid suit, high waist straight pants and short boots

Of course, if you want the kind of casual and comfortable effect, you can choose the more basic and casual style suit for collocation. If you want to make the overall look more fashionable, you can put some effort on the suit selection. For example, a brown suit with a fine checkered design combines commuting and retro elements to create a unique sense of leisure. After pairing with black knickers, the overall figure presents an almost perfect state.

4. Black suit and khaki pleated long skirt

Of course, if you want to reflect the temperament, the classic all-match black suit into the temperament color scheme can definitely meet this demand. The inner layer of the top can be mainly tight-fitting black to avoid bloated feeling. The lower body is matched with a pleated long skirt with a khaki design. The temperament color matching combined with the classic and fashionable design suit shows a high-end temperament effect. Put on a black suit that enhances the aura, creating the image of a temperament urban beauty.

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