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How to Wear a Trench Coat Fashionable

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The trench coat is deeply loved by people because of its flexible and changeable shape, beautiful and practical, novel style, easy to carry, and full of charm. Everyone needs a trench coat, but the trouble is how to choose the one that suits you. Here are four ways to talk about the small coup of trench coat selection, hope it can help everyone.

1. Color

The most common colors for trench coats are khaki, camel, and black. All kinds of interiors can be matched. Women with yellow skin or darker skin should choose the depth of the trench coat according to the warmth and warmth and characteristics of their skin color when wearing camel, and match the makeup, otherwise they will look bad.

2. The fabric should not be too soft, too thin and too close to the body

Trench coats that are too thin and too soft are prone to wrinkles and tend to be of insufficient quality. The version of the trench coat is more complicated, and there is a certain thickness to support the version. And the crisp fabric does not fit the body, it is thinner to wear, whether you have round shoulders or thick waist, it is very suitable. A trench coat that fits the shoulders too tightly will have a sense of uniformity, and the trench coat can't be worn freely, and it looks rustic. With a looser version, the trendy feel immediately comes out.

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3. The trench coat needs to be long to have a taste

In terms of length, the short trench coat is easy to wear out of a small family, and the long one is more fashionable. Shorter ladies can also wear long styles. The length should be controlled to expose a section of the calf. The style should not be too oversize, which will make it look wider. And wearing high heels is more perfect, after all, the long trench coat is heavier than other items, and it is easy to press the height.

4. With the details, you can look thin

For a trench coat to be of quality, it must at least contain enough details. But now there are many simplified trench coats, many elements in the trench coat have been deleted, such as epaulettes, double-breasted, front shoulder covers, storm covers, belts and so on. Simplified trench coats tend to look cheaper, and some thinner designs don't work anymore.

The complexity and length of the trench coat itself determines that its matching should be simple and casual, so as to highlight the charm of the trench coat. The long trench coat is paired with trousers and wide-leg trousers, exposing the ankles, showing the height and thinness. The trench coat is matched with flared trousers and tapered trousers, and can be easily worn with a very fashionable effect. Of course, matching jeans is also very recommended. If you think the trench coat is grand and complicated, and you want to wear a low-key and fanciful sense of everyday life, choose jeans. Match a shirt with a trench coat, which is capable and elegant. Another detail that enhances the fashion is to roll the cuffs to expose a section of the shirt sleeves and increase the level.

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