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Introduction to European and American Dressiong Style

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Many girls pay attention to European and American styles. They have a sense of luxury that can't be hidden in leisure, and they are cool and sexy. Today, let's explore the characteristics of European and American style.

European and American styles are generally based on minimalist style. A suit jacket with light-colored straight jeans and a pair of comfortable sneakers. Printing on the suit jacket weakens the formal feel of the suit jacket. The design of the large lapel of the thick coat of deerskin velvet is quite handsome, wearing a pair of black pants, wearing a pair of white shoes that are popular all over the world, without too much decoration. Black leather jackets, blue skinny jeans, these are all ordinary items, the minimalist style collocation can highlight the advanced temperament. If you pair it with a wide pink scarf, the combination of black and pink will give you more playfulness in the handsome feeling.

The favorite item of street hipsters in Europe and America is the hoodie. The hoodie and the navy blue mid-length loose coat are super warm and full of street style. Pink lazy loose hoodie is an indispensable item in many girls' wardrobes. With a pair of pointed boots, the sensuality of a lightly mature woman was immediately revealed. Printing is an element with a high rate of appearance in European and American outfits. A completely different style of matching is a loose large plaid cardigan with straight leather pants, which gives a cool feeling. European and American clothing is mainly casual and simple. The color and fabric use of a European and American dress is relatively simple. Black turtleneck sweater with black denim cropped trousers, the dressing rule with ankles really knows no borders.

women hoodie

The retro high-neck twist sweater is popular not only in Asia but also in Europe and America. The twist design of the thick needles particularly highlights the texture, and the thick sweater seems to be embraced by warmth when worn on the body. The peacock blue sweater is not only high-quality in color, but also full of texture. With silver-white printed tights and a pair of Chelsea boots, the fashion value suddenly rises.

Leopard print elements have always been the favorite of street hipsters in Europe and America. The mid-length leopard print suit jacket just covers the thick thighs and wide crotch. The large-area leopard print design clothes has both the wildness of beasts and the sexy of beauty.

A handsome black leather jacket is particularly eye-catching because of a red scarf, as if the European and American outfits incorporate Chinese red elements. Perhaps this is what people call "fashion knows no borders." Street hipsters in Europe and America especially like pointed stiletto heels, which are more suitable for girls who want to be feminine. The jackets worn in Europe and the United States generally like to be loose, mainly in dark solid colors. It is also a manifestation of minimalist style.

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