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Introduction to Japanese Dressing Styles

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Japanese dressing is very comfortable, and its design pays attention to people's own feelings. Today we will talk about the characteristics of Japanese dressing.

1. You can't live without classic clothes

The most common item in Japanese outfits is shirts. As one of the enduring workplace must-have items, shirts can match new ideas and show everyone's unique temperament. This shows the charm of this style of dressing. As a professional attire, classic shirts must be worn in combination. It can show the capable, independent and professional temperament of women in the workplace. Moreover, shirts are becoming more and more abundant in styles and colors. They are no longer limited to the common traditional styles and simple colors such as white and black, but also add a lot of motifs to the collocation.


2. Fitting is very important

In Japanese outfits, you will not blindly pursue the display of body curves or proportions, but will focus more on whether the selected clothing version fits and whether it matches your own temperament. Traditional professional wear will show the advantages of women's figure through hip skirts or high heels, so as to show the femininity of professional women. However, Japanese styles are replaced with literary and gentle styles, which can also show the unique charm and temperament of women.

3. Neutral colors show temperament

All items in Japanese outfits will be neutral in color, and will not choose too bright tones or dark colors, but will choose neutral colors. In this way, it can show the calm and capable aura of women in the workplace, and can also show the gentle and intellectual temperament.

4. Wear more casually

Japanese wear is more casual and comfortable, similar in style to home wear, but more formal. Loose shirt skirts are the best embodiment of this casual style. They don't pursue the loose style of body curve, so that the overall style of wearing is more casual and comfortable. Knit sweaters or loose tops with skirts are also very common in Japanese wear. This dress is simple and elegant. The loose hem and the flowing skirt perfectly blend, giving people a sense of casual and freedom.

womens dress

5. Variety of colors

Japanese wear is more diversified in the color selection of the single product, and the version of the skirt is slightly modified. The overall wear also presents the visual effect of the upper width and the lower width, and the personal style is added to show the unique charm of the individual.

6. Diversification

A suit with a shirt is an unchanging old-fashioned style, often equated with dull, low-key, and featureless. Japanese wear will diversify the inner wear. Single items such as short sleeves and vests can be used as an inner wear for a suit. A suit with short sleeves becomes a casual look all at once. The matching of loose suit pants and canvas shoes is casual and full of personal characteristics. This kind of commuting style has now become a popular trend.

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