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Knotting Of the Hem of the T-Shirt

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T-shirt is a single item that we wear 80% of the time in summer. The most common way to wear a T-shirt is to tuck it into the waistband. But this kind of wearing method is used too frequently, and it is difficult to feel fresh. Therefore, many people now regard the knotting of the hem of the T-shirt as a fashionable outfit.

One of the advantages of knotting the hem of the T-shirt is that it can increase the "sense of style." It is said that summer is the season of "accessories". There are fewer items of clothes on the body and more accessories. all in all. Regardless of the season, if you want more style, you must learn to improve the sense of layering.

Let's take a look at how to tie the hem of the T-shirt with the styles of wear that are common in our daily lives.

1. Cool and fashionable street style

The way to wear a T-shirt with a knotted hem is almost coincident with the street style. Both of these two styles have a sense of rebellion, so the "knotting the hem of the T-shirt" is the best style to street style. Like the most basic T-shirt with jeans, if you want to interpret the street style, there are two very useful matching methods. One is an oversized large printed T-shirt with jeans, which is a hip-hop street style, but it is not suitable for girls who are not tall. The second is a simple solid color T-shirt with jeans. You can tie the T-shirt a little above the belly button to emphasize the neat and handsome feeling. This way of dressing is even less picky.


2. Hot Girl Style

There are certain similarities between the collocation method of the hot girl style and the handsome street style. It's just that the hot girl style is more inclined to emphasize the curve of the female figure, and the knotting of the bottom of the T-shirt is a good way to highlight the curve of the upper body. And it looks more fashionable than ordinary short tops. In this way, the lower body with a denim skirt or pleated skirt will not look too sexy.

3. French pastoral style

French pastoral style wear has gradually become popular in the past few years. Its popularity is partly because the aesthetics of modern people no longer like "too sweet" outfits, and prefer a little sexy and more casual outfit style. This style is generally a floral skirt, and the upper body is generally a white shirt or T-shirt. Compared with shirts, T-shirts are more everyday casual. The matching of T-shirts and floral skirts is also very suitable for summer, bringing a breeze to the hot summer. When matching a T-shirt, you can choose to tie a knot at the hem of the T-shirt.

In this way, it can add highlights and a sense of trend to the shape, which is very interesting.

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