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Knowledge of Clothing Color Matching Part One

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The first impression of clothing is color. People often decide the choice of clothing based on the pros and cons of color matching to evaluate the cultural and artistic accomplishments of the wearer. Therefore, the color matching of clothing is an important part of the beauty of clothing. Appropriate color matching of clothing can make people appear dignified and elegant. In general, the color matching of clothing is divided into two categories.

Contrast color matching:

1. Strong color matching.

Strong color matching refers to the matching of two far apart colors, such as: yellow and purple, red and cyan. This kind of color matching has a strong contrast. When matching clothing colors, you should first consider which part of the clothing and accessories you are trying to highlight, and do not match dull colors together. For example: dark brown and dark purple should not be matched with black. Such a match will have the effect of "grabbing the color" with black, making the whole outfit have no focus, and the overall performance of the outfit will appear very dim and colorless.

2. Complementary color matching:

Complementary color matching refers to the matching of two opposing colors, such as: red and green, cyan and orange, black and white, etc. The matching of complementary colors can form a sharp contrast, and sometimes it will receive better results. The matching of black and white complementary colors is always a classic.

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3. Similar color matching.

Similar color matching refers to the matching of two colors that are relatively close, such as: matching red with orange or purple, yellow matching with grass green or orange and so on. Not everyone can look good in green. The combination of green and bright yellow gives people a very spring feeling, and the overall feeling is very simple and elegant.

The color matching of professional women's clothing can be based on similar colors. The place where professional women wear professional women's activities is the office. The low-color dress can make the people at work concentrate, deal with all kinds of problems calmly, and create a stable atmosphere. The environment for professional women's clothing is mostly indoors and in limited spaces. People always hope to get more private space. Therefore, wearing low-purity color clothes will increase the distance between people and reduce the feeling of crowding. But at the same time, colors with low purity are easier to coordinate with other colors, which increases the sense of harmony and intimacy between people, thereby helping to form a pattern of collaboration and cooperation. In addition, you can take advantage of the easy-to-match features of low-purity colors to match a limited amount of clothing to a rich combination. At the same time, low-purity color dresses give people a sense of humility, tolerance, and maturity. By this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others.

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