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Knowledge of Clothing Color Matching Part Three

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The main color of the clothing color refers to the color that occupies the main area among the multiple color combinations of clothing; Embellishment color refers to the color that occupies a small area in the color combination and has a more eye-catching visual effect. The main color and the embellishment color are in contrast, creating a distinct, varied and beautiful rhythm.

The status of the color of clothing is determined by the size of the area it occupies. The larger the area occupied by the color, the more important it is in the color matching, and it plays a leading role; The smaller the occupied area, the less important the position in color matching, which plays a role of foil and embellishment. In the color matching process, no matter how several colors are used for combination, first consider which color to use as the main hue. If the areas of various colors are evenly distributed, and the colors of clothing are mutually exclusive, it will appear messy. Especially when complementary or contrasting colors are used together, the disordered state of the colors is more obvious, and the main color does not exist.


The embellishment color is relative to the main color. Under normal circumstances, it is more vivid and saturated, with a finishing touch. When matching clothing colors, if the color tones are very gorgeous and bright, you can consider using embellishment colors. For example, a red suit is decorated with black buttons. If the color tone is dull and the color image is not so vivid, the embellishment color can be used to mediate the atmosphere of the whole outfit. For example, a set of blue-gray clothing can be embellished with white or black. It is also possible to achieve the purpose of beautifying the clothing by not emphasizing the spirit of the overall color matching of the clothing through the bright clothing products, which can play a finishing touch. No matter how bright or dull the embellishment color is, as long as it does not exceed a certain area, it cannot change the main color image of the clothing. Embellishment colors often appear in the design of clothing accessories and fabric designs. For example, black leather bags are often decorated with shiny metal buckles, and bright colors appear on dark floral backgrounds.

For example, the combination of white and red. The combination of red and white is a bold combination. Wearing a white casual shirt on the top and a narrow red skirt on the bottom, she looks enthusiastic and unrestrained. In strong contrast, the heavier the proportion of white, the softer your whole person looks. The combination of brown and white will give people a sense of purity. The golden brown knee-length round skirt and the big collar shirt can reflect the charm of the short skirt and reflect your elegant temperament.

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