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Knowledge of Clothing Color Matching Part Two

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When a person wears two sets of the same style, the same material, but different colors, they will feel different when they are in the same environment. For example, when a person is in the same environment, when they wear red clothes, we will feel that they are closer to us and larger in size. But if they wear blue clothes, we will feel that they are farther away from us and smaller in size. When a person wears clothes with high purity colors, we feel that they are closer to us than clothes with low purity colors.

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In the comparison of colors, the color that is closer than the actual distance is called forward color; the color that is higher than the actual distance is called backward color. Colors that feel larger than the actual volume are called expansion colors; colors that feel smaller than the actual volume are called shrinking colors. Why does it cause the above feelings?

The reason is that light of various wavelengths passes through the lens and the focal point is not completely on the same plane. Therefore, the sharpness of the image on the retina is different. The sense of color expansion and contraction is not only related to the wavelength but also to the brightness.

In terms of hue, the hues with longer wavelengths, such as red, orange, and yellow, give people a sense of swelling forward; Hues with shorter wavelengths, such as blue, blue-green, and blue-violet, give people a feeling of shrinking later. From the aspect of lightness, the brighter and brighter colors have a forward-reverse and swelling feeling; The low-brightness and dark colors have the feeling of receding and shrinking. But because of changes in the environment, the perception will also change. In terms of purity, high-purity bright colors have a feeling of progress and expansion; The low-purity gray color clothes has the feeling of receding and shrinking.

Therefore, the proper use of the different look and feel of color can not only correct and conceal the shortcomings of the figure, but also emphasize your strengths. For a body that is light and heavy, it is advisable to use dark, light and soft fabrics to make skirts or trousers to weaken the stoutness of the lower limbs. For tall and plump women, dark colors are also suitable when choosing matching outerwear. This rule applies to most teachers, unless your body is perfect, you don’t need to use it to hide anything.

Among all colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easier to match. And blue has the effect of shrinking the figure, which is very attractive. Vivid blue and red make people look charming and pretty, but you should pay attention to the proper ratio of blue to red. Approximately black blue fit jacket with white shirt and bow tie. If you are going to attend some formal occasions, this combination will make you seem mysterious and romantic.

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