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Matching Skills of T-Shirt

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Just like jeans, T-shirts are definitely a must-have product for many people. The matching of T-shirts and other clothing products can basically be applied to any fashion occasion. So how should t-shirts of different styles match other clothes?

The first type is the polo T-shirt, which has always been the exclusive choice for golfers and athletes. Now basically everyone already owns or should own a polo T-shirt. No matter what body shape or style you have, polo is a good choice for you. In summer, you can choose bright, striped or checkered or even plain polo to dress yourself up. This kind of T-shirt can basically be said to be very versatile. But it should be noted that, whether it is a shiny style or a matt British style, you must pay attention to the layering of the overall match. Layered collocation is the key to fashion. For this type of T-shirt, you can match white pants or a small amount of simple jewelry.


Nautical style T-shirt. From the United Kingdom in Europe to the United States in the Americas, the success of the nautical T-shirt is not only inseparable from its super-high functionality, but also this simple nautical style design. Now major brands have begun to launch their own navy-style T-shirts. Maybe some plump people will worry that these horizontal stripes will affect your body vision. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Who can refuse the charm of horizontal stripes? As long as you wear it with confidence and style, you don't have to worry about it at all. However, what needs to be reminded is: Obviously, this kind of light-colored, black-and-white, or blue-and-white horizontal striped navy-style T-shirt is only suitable for wearing in summer. So, if you want to show your navy feelings in winter, don't think about it. Since these shirts are usually white, it is a good decision whether it is paired with a white sports jacket, or cotton shorts, jeans, etc.!

The appearance of T-shirts with abstract patterns has made up a big gap in the history of T-shirts. This kind of shirt design method, which has been popular all the way from the southernmost point of Africa to the northernmost point of Europe, allows you to wear basically all clothes. This is a great contribution in the history of T-shirts. Nowadays, many T-shirt brands have joined forces with many artists to integrate avant-garde art and fashion into it. Nowadays, shirts with abstract patterns have become a single product that every fashion person must choose. The exaggerated abstract t-shirt can be matched with gray denim or corduroy or khaki pants.

Sports style T-shirt. Even if you can't wear the NBA t-shirt to work, you can actually express your support for the team you love! And this support comes from your carefully selected sports-style T-shirt. With the return of sports trends, sports equipment has penetrated into all areas of fashion. For sports-style T-shirts, you can choose to match skinny jeans and canvas sneakers.

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