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Matching Skills of Various Dresses

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There are many styles and colors of dresses, but not every dress is suitable for you. The most important thing is to wear it beautifully! Let's talk about the matching of various dressesbelow.

1. A dress is not suitable for women with thick legs

A-shaped dresses are mostly cute, which makes many women unable to resist, but can everyone wear A-shaped dresses? We strongly recommend ladies with thick legs and pear-shaped figures not to catch up with this trend. Wearing an A-line dress with a pear-shaped body whose center of gravity is too low can only aggravate your sense of disharmony.

white dress

2. Chiffon dress is extraordinarily look fat

Maybe you are always amazed by the fluttering chiffon texture of the dress, so dreamy and feminine, but you have never dared to buy such a dress casually. The reason is that chiffon will make your body look fatter.

3. Sleeveless short dress

In general, there are still many taboos in office dressing. Sleeveless styles are basically not suitable for workplaces. However, some working environment dimensions are relatively loose, so you can choose sleeveless dresses. It is recommended to wear sleeveless dress styles, but not too casual. Another point to note is that women with fat arms should not wear sleeveless clothing. The middle sleeve is your best weapon to cover up the fat.

4. Plaid dress

When wearing a plaid dress, you must avoid ordinary style. If your dress is not only plaid or plaid, then I advise you not to wear it. The plaid without a sense of design is simply a copy of the tablecloth.

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5. Dress with denim jacket

Denim jacket, as a fashionable and versatile basic item, is good-looking, regardless of age, it is the most suitable for matching dresses. The yellow dress is youthful and full of vitality, and it is very age-reducing and comfortable. Many girls like to wear long dresses, because they walk very elegantly. But for denim jackets, matching short dresses is more fashionable and more attractive, and the matching of short dresses and denim jackets has more leg length and thin legs, which is very suitable for going out on the street.

6. Straight dress with lace-up high-heeled sandals

Because the tailoring itself is long and narrow, straight dresses can produce a straight line effect, making your entire lower body slim, which is very suitable for women with a pear-shaped body. Moreover, the dress will highlight your most attractive upper body. And high-heeled sandals will make your curves slimmer, and your big buttocks will become less obvious.

7. Loose long dress with half-heel casual sandals

Because of the folds in the middle of the dress, the loose long dress conceals the slightly raised belly very well. This little trick is applicable to any woman. The long dress can reach the instep, so there is no need to worry about it making your legs look short. Half-heel casual sandals will give you a bit of height, and create a good casual feel with loose long dresses.

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