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Matching of Dresses and Jackets

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Many ladies like to wear all kinds of dresses. Compared with wearing a dress alone, with a jacket, the overall shape will not appear too simple, and it will increase the contrast and layering, which can be worn with a distinctive fashion effect. And this kind of layering style will not only not show that you are short, it will also make you look taller and thinner, which is very friendly to short girls. Today we will recommend several very fashionable and advanced ways of matching jackets and dresses.

1. Trench coat with dress

In fact, even in summer, we can still choose trench coats for fashion matching. For short ladies, we recommend choosing a windbreaker with a length just covering the knees, and it is best to choose a style with a waist design. This will prevent you from being too short in a windbreaker that is too fat. At this time, the color of the matching beautiful dress should be similar to the color of the trench coat, but it is better to bring some decorative patterns, so that it can perfectly match the complex and simple contrast effect of the stacking fashion.

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2. Suits with dress

When choosing a suit with a dress, we must pay attention to our age. Because suits are easy to make people wear old-fashioned, when we choose dresses, we must pay attention to the color choice. If you are a mature working woman, then we suggest that you choose dark coffee, dark gray or military green, sea blue dresses, or choose dresses with high-level plaid decoration. These dresses can be matched with suits to create a very high-end western style of British fashion. But if you are a shorter and younger fashionista, you can choose some smarter dresses and dresses with higher brightness. The color of the dress can help you weaken the dullness of the suit. Of course, for short girls, it's best to choose a dress with split design, which can also help you create slender legs through the vertical lines of the dress, so as to achieve the overall effect of height.

3. Coat with dress

Compared with the dresses recommended above, the combination of dresses and suits is more suitable for short and fat girls. Dresses of the same color and design can make your whole figure show a very uniform fashion sense, without the effect of color faults, so that you can better wear the effect of looking thin and tall. At this time, when we choose a coat to match a dress, it is best to choose a style with a length that covers the hips.

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4. Cardigan with floral dress

When we choose a cardigan with a floral dress, we must pay attention to the changes in the stitches of the cardigan, and try to choose a basic style made of plain knit. In this way, too many details will not affect the wearing effect of the floral dress itself. The contrast between the traditional and the simple is the essence of layering and matching. In addition, we recommend that you choose this color matching style, so as not to have too many detailed designs of floral dresses and knitted sweaters, and the overall wear looks very confusing.

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