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Minimalist Dressing Style Guide

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When dressing, many people often choose many beautiful colors to modify the overall temperament. Because a person's temperament is not only shown by appearance and words and deeds, but also the role of clothing. Wearing the right clothes will naturally emit the whole person's temperament. But we will also find that the more complicated the design and the brighter tones, the more likely it is to become obsolete. All kinds of colorful clothing can often attract people's attention now, but after time, they are not as popular as simple tones such as white and black. In recent years, it has become more and more popular to wear minimalist styles. Simple designs, tones and collocations can often exude high-level beauty. Let's talk about the essentials of minimalist style.

1. Low-key color

The minimalist style wears on the choice of color, which is very simple and low-key. Don't choose too bright and bright colors, generally gray, white and black clothes are the main colors. Simple colors can be well matched without being too exaggerated. In fact, the minimalist style of color selection is also very diverse, but the overall appearance is more elegant and cleaner, with a gentle and simple feeling. This kind of clothing is also more suitable for people who like simple styles.


2. Simple and stylish design

The minimalist style of clothing, the design techniques used in the design level are also very simple. Whether it is a single style or the overall combination, it gives people a sense of distance, but also makes people feel that it is a relatively peaceful state. Often this relatively high-cold style clothes gives people a more comfortable feeling. The simple design will not have too many levels, and it looks more comfortable. It is especially suitable for women who are capable and aura in the workplace.

3. High-quality fabric

It is often this simple design that pays great attention to the choice of fabrics. The so-called minimalist style is to achieve the ultimate in simplicity, and then achieve the ultimate in fabrics. Especially for some pure cotton and chiffon clothing, the overall soft texture presented is particularly pleasing. Moreover, this kind of clothing is very comfortable to wear on the body, and it can be well matched in summer. Therefore, a good texture determines the overall effect of the clothing.


4. Daily simple style matching

When it comes to the choice of dressing and matching, it must not be a more common way of dressing. Choosing the most basic styles of clothing and matching together can better reflect the characteristics of minimalism. Without adding too many elements, it will be clean and tidy. For example, using blue plaid with blue jeans, the overall color is not exaggerated. The simple colors and lines seem to be daily without any skills, but they can give people a very youthful, beautiful and elegant image.

5. The collision of dark and bright colors

In the minimalist style of wear, what we call dark is gray, blue and other colors with dark colors. Paired with light pink, light orange and light blue clothing, the overall appearance will be gentle and atmospheric.

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