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Print T-Shirts at Home

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Some people may want to print T-shirts at home. Today we will talk about how to print T-shirts at home. Before we print your own T-shirt, first of all, you need to make sure to choose a shirt that suits the project. Not all T-shirts are the same, and some T-shirts are not as good as other T-shirts.

Cotton withstands heat well. When you buy a blank T-shirt, cotton is usually the best fabric choice. It can heat well. This is especially important if you plan to iron your design.

If you want to print a dark design, it is best to choose a light-colored shirt. The lighter design is more suitable for dark shirts. But keep in mind that if you want to print on dark shirts, you may need to invest in special materials, such as hot stamping transfer paper designed for dark fabrics.

Before you start, be sure to collect all supplies. Wash your T-shirt before starting this project. Doing so will pre-shrink it and prevent the edges of the design from being pulled after washing. Make sure to try on the T-shirt again after washing to make sure it still fits.


When creating your own T-shirt, using iron-on transfer paper is the easiest option. It does not require a lot of special tools, and the process is easy, even a child can enjoy it. Hot stamping transfer paper can be used to put photos, graphics, text, and any other type of design you can think of on T-shirts.

For this project, you need to iron transfer paper, inkjet printer, T-shirt, iron, cotton pillowcase and scissors or craft knife. Any image saved on the computer can be printed on transfer paper and applied to T-shirts. But remember, quality is important. If you try to enlarge a small image to fit the T-shirt size, it may become distorted.

Once you decide which image to use, it's time to print. However, you may need to perform an extra step before printing. If you want to print on a light-colored shirt, you need to mirror the image before printing. This is because the light transfer paper will form a mirror image on the shirt.

If you use transfer paper for dark shirts, do not flip the image. The dark transfer paper transfers the image to the fabric exactly in accordance with the appearance. When you are ready, load the transfer paper into the printer, making sure it faces the correct direction. Choose a high print quality setting to ensure that the finished image looks great.


After the transfer is complete, wait a few seconds for the ink to dry. Then, carefully cut out the image. If the design has complicated edges, you may need to use a craft knife to make sure the lines are clean. Cropping the image is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the project, but it's worth the time to get it right!

Next, place the cotton pillowcase on a clean, hard surface, such as a table or countertop. Make sure that the surface you choose is heat-resistant! When the iron is heating up, spread the T-shirt on the pillowcase, making sure that the pillowcase is under the entire area where the design is placed. Once the iron is hot, iron the shirt until it is completely smooth.

After ironing, when you need to clean a new shirt. Wash your customized T-shirts individually or with other delicate items. Do not wash with jeans or other heavy objects, as they may damage the design. And then your own T-shirt is finished.

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