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Retro Style Dressing in Spring and Summer

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In our impression, retro style seems to be a relatively special style of matching. Because this style of outfit requires a special type of clothes, so many people think that this type of match is not suitable for them. But in fact, the basic model can also match the retro style, as long as the choice is right, it can also show the temperament.

1. Striped outfit

Striped tops are a common type in our daily lives. After all, this kind of collocation is still very common in our daily life. But did you know? Striped tops can also be matched with a retro style, so how should this type of tops be matched to have a retro style? That is the basic loose shirt with striped design. This type of tops can be said to be very common in our daily lives. When we are choosing this type of shirt, we can choose a large size top with an A-line skirt. The classic blue and white stripes highlight the characteristics of the retro style, and the low-saturation colors will not make the overall look very strange. When we are choosing this type of collocation, we can choose a low-saturation cool skirt to reconcile the retro-style collocation. Because the low-saturation blouse is matched with the skirt, the overall feeling is very similar to that of the modern girl in the 1990s. Because these two kinds of clothes are basic models, they are easy to find, and the difficulty of matching can be said to be very low.


2. White shirt matching

If you want to match the characteristics of retro style, then we can choose loose-fitting shirts, which are very suitable for matching plain loose skirts. Retro style tops do not necessarily have to be conservative. This kind of translucent shirts have looming high-level sexy features. f you choose the right bottom for this type of top, it is easy to create a retro feel. For example, the skirt does not have to be pure black, we can choose brown or gray. he biggest feature of these colors is that they have a strong retro style. Although they look unstylish at first, the effect after putting them on is unexpectedly excellent.

3. Shirt skirt

If you want a classic retro look with shirt skirts, you must choose a looser type. A slim shirt skirt, although the style is classic, but when choosing this type of shirt skirt, it is still very easy to make mistakes. Therefore, we can choose loose shirt skirts. The looser the shirt, the more we can show our own temperament, but the color still needs to be more common. For example, blue and white shirt skirts and beige shirt skirts can make you look more temperamental. This type of shirt skirt is still very suitable for slightly fat girls, so when choosing clothes for slightly fat girls, it is better to choose shirt skirts directly. The overall matching effect will be very good.

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