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Selection of Summer Pajamas

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In the hot summer, many people are willing to sleep naked, especially men. The reason is that you can get the cool feeling without wearing clothes, but this seemingly "cool" sleeping habit is unhealthy. According to relevant statistics, when the temperature rises to 30°C-35°C, the evaporation of human skin moisture will accelerate, and it will increase as the temperature rises. When the temperature is higher than the skin temperature, people will absorb heat from the external environment. If you sleep with your upper body naked at this time, the skin will absorb more heat, and the sweat from the skin will also be lost quickly, and it will not play the role of heat dissipation through sweat evaporation. In addition, it can cause symptoms such as joint stiffness.

You should wear pajamas when you sleep at night in summer, so that you can absorb sweat well, and at the same time prevent cold and habitual diarrhea. Summer pajamas are best to choose light, soft, all-cotton ones, which help absorb sweat on the skin and reduce skin irritation. The color should be light and light, which is conducive to peace of mind. The size should not be too small, because when sleeping tightly on the chest, abdomen, back and other parts, it is prone to insomnia and nightmares.


The most ideal pajamas fabric in summer should be knitted pajamas. This kind of pajamas is very light and thin, and feels soft and comfortable. In addition, the best raw material should be cotton fabric, or at least cotton-based synthetic fibers. In fact, from a health point of view, cotton clothes are the most ideal, because cotton clothes have strong moisture absorption, can better absorb sweat on the skin, and have strong air permeability. Cotton pajamas are soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation. Cotton material is different from man-made fibers, and does not cause allergies and itching. Although silk pajamas are smooth and comfortable, beautiful and sexy, they do not absorb sweat. The metabolism of the elderly is slow, and most of them suffer from dry and itchy skin, while silk is the least irritating to the skin. Silk also has the characteristics of moisture absorption, easy drying, and heat dissipation, which is especially suitable for summer wear.

There are several different types of pajamas. The first category is suspender-style pajamas. This category of pajamas is mainly suitable for summer wear, full of fashion sense, and can best show the sexy charm of women. The second category is split pajamas. This category of pajamas is mainly designed from two aspects: convenience and comfort. The pajama style for the elderly is best to be a two-piece suit, with a short-sleeved or long-sleeved cardigan for the top and middle pants or long trousers for the bottom. The blouse can be longer, which can prevent the waist from getting cold when sleeping. The length of the trousers is best to cover the knees. The clothes you wear during sleep are as loose as possible, so you can buy a larger size.

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