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Simple and Temperamental Wear in Summer

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Fashion is not just about pursuing current popular models, or using exaggerated and alternative tailoring to gain attention. The simpler it is, the more advanced it is. Especially for ordinary people, they may not be able to hold bright colors and personalized designs, and these clothes also have special requirements for occasions.

It's better to try to go simple, you can wear more simple basic models, not only comfortable and generous, but also relatively high interoperability between them, which can help you complete a variety of styles. Sometimes more clothes are not necessarily a good thing. Unnecessary styles will take up too much physical space and will waste you more time to wear. It's better to figure out your own style and preferences and make the wardrobe more streamlined. Today we are going to talk about how to wear simple and stylish in summer.

ladies suit

The first thing we want to recommend is the suit. 

Needless to say, the advantages of suits are self-explanatory. The crisp and stylish tailoring is the best choice to increase the aura. Moreover, it is suitable for many occasions, and it will show different effects with different items. You can wear suits and trousers when you go to work, reflecting the neatness and competence of elite women. In normal times, you can use jeans with a suit top to look casual and fashionable. In addition, you can also wear oversize silhouette suits with shorts to play with the missing lower body collocation. The contrast of elasticity will make your legs look extraordinarily slender. Regardless of the collocation method, the suit's version should choose the straight-up and straight-down H-shape, so that it will not look unsightly because the style is too fat.

The second thing I would recommend is of course the shirt. 

The shirt can be described as a single product that can be worn all year round. In autumn and winter, it can be worn as a primer in a suit jacket, while in spring and summer, it can be worn alone or as a cardigan. Although the colors and styles of the shirts are varied, the most durable is the simple cut white shirt, without too much decoration to make it as easy to style as a piece of white paper. If it is not a specific occasion, it is best to wear a slightly loose design shirt, which will not cause pressure on the body, and it is more friendly to fat girls.

The last thing to recommend is the camisole. 

The camisole has higher requirements on the figure, but as a bottoming shirt, it is almost omnipotent. Whether it's a jacket or a knitted shirt, you can use it to match it. In the choice of suspenders, you can use soft chiffon satin, which makes them softer and more comfortable to wear. A girl with a good figure will look very sexy in summer wearing a camisole with straight jeans. And when it is matched with suits, it can weaken the seriousness and dullness of formal wear, and it is versatile and practical.

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